Being Listed By Losers.Org Is An Honor, Not A Disgrace

ever wonder why?PPX

Being listed by www.losers.org is an honor, not a disgrace, especially when they give me a COMPLIMENT. You're so stupid, you literally don't know the difference between positive and negative. You've obviously been searching "popeye-x" to see what's up.

Where are YOU listed? Only here. This tiny little insignificant pointless website is the ONLY place you exist except for your email address. You can't explain away popeye-x without eliminating yourself in the process.

Webgoat... face the truth... you are too STUPID to be trying to top Popeye-X. I'm just too brilliant for you to compete against. You are completely outgunned. Every time you post, you confirm that sad fact. After a while, it becomes redundant, and I am forced to take out the trash. Its nothing personal. You had your chance. You brought reinforcements. They were all given a fair shot. Popeye-X kicked ALL of their asses, repeatedly. Everyone else here had fun taking their own shots at you. I've deleted you on sight.

Its over. You lost. Go away. Take all your stupid goat ticks with you, including the limey grunt. Popeye-X and his crew are a little too BAD ASS for your chickenshit little whining ego-trip. You have a mental limitation that insures your defeat every time.

Plus, I don't like you. I don't respect you at all. You are the embodiment of everything I detest. Even if you could win, I'd make sure you lose. This is not YOUR world, its MINE. Please go make your own, I promise to ignore you, you bore the piss out of me.



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