goat ticks get deleted while
everybody else gets read

PPX: see, mr. goat shit? all the posts of all the people you tried to cut down... they're all still here... varying opinions and comments of assorted individuals... expressing their inner feelings, and enjoying the freedom of speech they were born with by being citizens of the united states of america... but notice your posts... or the lack thereof... that's the result of you having no respect for someone else's property... you think their work is your thing to destroy because you think you're more important than anybody else... and you're not... quite the opposite... you are the social equivalent of goat shit... you are fertilizer for other posts' nutritional needs... you are turned under the surface of the soil until you are no longer visible... you are DELETED... that means you don't exist... and it is a fair thing... like mr. walmartinez says, the weak must make room for the strong... that means you goat bastard... you have no wit, only venom, and who is it for? people you don't even know... you're just a hostile prick, no one likes, you have to bring people in to have anyone agree with you... that's why I will continue to give you shit and provoke you, so I can delete you over and over and over... I'll leave corbett alone, he's suffered enough, plus I saw a few posts by him that were funny, so I left them... not you goat testicle... you stink...



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