I sent the police report number

from: popeye-x

I'm pretty sure this recent activity is from when I sent the last police report number to Cureton the other day. He loves recycling previous bullshit he thinks covers the whole issue. Like he isn't repetitious enough in real time. He'll blather on and on, saying the same old shit, it takes him a while to catch on to what the rest of us figured out long ago. If Cureton is anything, he's his own biggest believer, he thinks his lies are plausible long after the game is up. He whines about the time scale involved, like its such a pain in the ass, but what if he's LYING all this time? Wouldn't that be a pain in the ass? The fact is, he CAN'T be telling the truth. There's logic involved here. I questioned the truth of his so-called investment in Bexar Nekkid Music, I remembered he was whining how he wasn't allowed to mix one single song. I checked his laundry list, notice the wording, "involved with", there are MANY instances of such slip ups. One of the man's biggest problems is he thinks he such a skillfull liar, but once you suspend belief and examine his words, its EASY to spot the holes. His blabbering mouth is the biggest giveaway. He also attempts to recycle lies, you know he's lying when he tries to fly the same ol' same ol' again. His attampt shows his commitment to ETERNALLY lying and trying to lie his way out of the lies. If all I had to go by was what he had told me, then yes I couldn't say for sure he was lying. But I have the lies and statements of 2 other cronies to cross reference against. THERE IS NO QUESTION whatsoever Cureton is lying. He's been uncovered LONG, LONG ago. Not only that, simple logic shows previous lies. The sheer size of his legacy of lying is HORRIBLE. He's the pits, the absolute pits. I will insist on that to my dying day.



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