fuck you limey cunt!over weight dirty T-shirt wearing slob

PPX: Man, you limeys sure know how to hurt a guy. Boohoo. Well, at least you can speak English, but you don't make any sense, you can't answer one single post without making up your own subject, which is "popeye-x is bad", but at least you're not totally incoherent.

You are totally wrong, however. Unfortunately you're wrong about so many things, I'm too lazy to list them. You're just not worth it, sorry mate. Your bollocks about our American freedom is sad alright, you SAD SACK OF SHIT! You dumb fucks need to study up on government before you try to debate with the average American.

We ARE born with our freedom, that's a fact!

Read the fucking Constitution, I doubt very seriously if an Englishman has read it even once, so kindly shut the fuck up, you limey grunt. All you're doing is typing, just the same as me, quit pretending being in the military makes you automatically right about things to do with the SAME FREEDOM WE ARE ALL ENTITLED TO. You have to MAKE SENSE, pulling rank don't work in here, Sgt. Nutter Fuckhead.

I have no idea where over weight dirty T-shirt wearing slob comes from, anyone will tell you I'm not overweight, and the T-shirt I am wearing at this very instant is brand new, besides, what has that got to do with anything?

I do notice one thing, mate. You aren't FUNNY anymore, you're losing it. Next time you post something that isn't funny, I will delete it. THAT'S freedom, you stupid British arsehole! Quit trying to go post to post with popeye-x, you can't do it worth a shit.



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