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Of Popeye-X
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dialup04218.intersatx.net 03-04-20 10:57

What certain dumbfucks may find HARD to comprehend is Popeye-X has faced many opponents thru the years. All of them were comical with warped conceptions about their own importance. They all had this idea they could join together and crusade against Popeye-X and inevitably, he would collapse under pressure and disappear from view. The most notorious of these idiots were my Beloved TT's, Turkie and Tacki. They brought me more readers and made me more friends than I could believe. We got so many laughs off of them, after a while I grew to LOVE them, bless their evil little hearts. By the way, they are STILL incarcerated on my website, showing the same tits that pissed them off in the first place.

That's who Steve Cureton drunkenly attempted to JOIN UP with on Monde's boyriend's site. This shows you that Estebanito longs to join the ranks of the Immortal Opponents Of Popeye-X. You goat ticks should make note of all this. Eventually, the Allies Of The TT's realized Popeye-X is UNDEFEATABLE, I offered them peace, and they abandoned their idiot TT's, became my friends, and went on their merry way. I can tell you unequivocally: Steve Cureton will remain in prison on this site as long as it exists. You can take those soldiers, that lawyer, the SAPD, and the FBI, and shove them ALL up your asses, this website ain't going anywhere, and that's FINAL.



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