Pink Floyd on Easter SUnday

from: Mr Walmartinezzzzz

As I sit here in the compound, pondering things after the wind-down of the war, I came upon a memory from years ago, attending a Pink FLoyd show in the ALamodome on Easter SUnday years ago. It was a sureal experience, the sky was kind of overcast and chrome feeling, as we among the thousands of acid heads, and former acid heads, flowed into the cathedral of the modern, to see the pivitol band of the whole psychedilic era play on the holiest days of the christian world to the unwashed masses. THey played a great show, I have hazy memories of a stage shapped like a shell, with all the props and gizmo's that swirl through the whole floyd experience, metalic symbols of a mind gone severely off the deep end into dementia and overindulgence. THe capper of the show is when one of these metalic posts rising off the floor of the dome began to push upward, then open up, and spin, with lasers shooting off of it and onto the crowd during some tune from the early days of the band. It was an easter sunday to remember. As time passes, we find ourselves gearing up for another show of epic portions, the return of the metal guggernaut, Motorhead, next month, to create havioc among the non-believeres, and shower the chosen few in sonic realism in how the world really is today, since many among us are members of the disenfranchised of the western world. Motorhead does not sing of how things could be in some utopian state, they sing about the real world, with the temptations of dope, young girls, disregard for civil authority and the norms of society, as well as the constant threat to individual freedom, and the death of the individual and his/or her own hopes and dreams in the modernist cooptive mega-global corporate world that threatens to choke off all freedom of thought, expression, movement, and dissent. We here at the Walmartinez compound are pumped for the show, this world is running very short on thought provoking events to attend, most bands spew out some consumeristic corportate purchasing crap that is nothing more than some subliminal attempt to get you the consumer in this circle of comsumption to buy more for higher prices, in hopes of achieving some consumeristic nirvana by attaining the goods and services they hawk, leading to an empty feeling when you do purchase, since when you buy it , you come to the realization that it did not mean shit, it was just some impulisive notion planted in your head by the corporate culture to purchase when you did not even need it in the first place. It seems that our own values are under siege, no longer are ideals like freedom of speech or dissent are deemed important, it is more like you have a right and an obligation to purchase , in order to keep the fat/bloated rat on the wheel running as fast as he can to keep the whole ecomonic order from slowing down, and collapsing into a heap of broken promises and dreams of the vanquished. These are strange times indeed. As some acid head once said, turn on, tune out, and let the good times roll.

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