Jesus is way cool


PPX: That was very good advice about Jesus, He's the ONLY hope for any of us, but especially a pile of worthless garbage like Steve Cureton.

By the way, just because the Good Lord will forgive Cureton doesn't mean I will. I truly hope God takes him under his wing, there's no question the guy is demonically possessed. You should have heard his voice on the phone, it WAS the devil, pure and simple. It would scare the living shit out of anybody. It had all the earmarks of the devil... the evil, the selfishness, the confusion, the schizoid personality switching, the growling roar, and most of all, the incredible COWARDICE, delivered with PRIDE. Classic shit.

If you're into Jesus heavily, you would have started praying in his face, and he would have shrivelled away. I just stayed calm and faced him down, in front of Jesus' Word he would run in terror, I'm sure.

As long as we're on the subject, Jesus Christ is my witness, everything I have said is 100% TRUE. Like I've stated, I do not make up shit this fucked up. I would like to give my sincere heartfelt thanks to all who have posted here, including the idiotic goat tickies, when you put it all in context, a very clear picture emerges, and it matches the .jpg image that's been posted. Its great to see people who are HONEST speak their minds without being prompted by speacial interest idiots who are only stroking their egos at everyone else's expense. WE KNOW THIS MOTHERFUCKER... all too well.

And the Duke was fucking right all along. You see, The Truth is The Truth, it doesn't need a bunch of social ass kissing to be real... instead, reality must conform to The Truth, it is relentless. You can't bullshit your way thru it Mr. Cureton, the phony appearance you cherish is not the standard by which people will judge you, rather it is YOUR OWN TRUTH that shapes their viewpoint, Popeye-X has nothing to do with it. The only contribution I have made is to admit it to MYSELF, because I am one who believed in Steve Cureton, with all my heart, and I got COMPLETELY FUCKED for it. Apparently I'm not the only one, eh?

Jesus Christ is the only thing that can save a wretch like Steve Cureton. Its not my problem, thank you, JESUS!



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