Estabanita - The Tool of the TCMN Plot to overthrow free thought and real music

from: Mr Walmartinezzzzz

As I enjoy a beverage and wind down from the latest episode of cooperate romp-a-room today, a notion struck me. Estabinita, queen of queerbeers, is nothing more than a drunken-drug hazed tool of the whole tcmn joe corn plot to stamp out right thinking individuals, and polute the minds and ears of all who accept their broadcasts with that awful mix of retro country crap, with the zyedco twist for bullshit measure. Zydeco is cool, but not when force fed by some east texas klansman hell bent on controlling the airwaves, and the minds of the listeners with some neo nazi plot. Estabanita tried to downplay the real intent of the sinister plot, by his drunken buffonery, but the real plot kind of floats to the top so to speak when you delve into the whole corn laced mentality of tcmn, and their signal. It was never about music, but control, over both what the listener heard, and what they thought about the music, with no deavation allowed from the stalinist dogma of the whole new order laid out by corn, and spoon fed to the audience by the cornet lackies doing tricks to get on the mike during the long reign of terror inflicted on the unspecting students of the accd. SA is a better place now that corn has made a saddam like escape back to obscurity where he came from, and belongs for the rest of his days. Long live the new order without the ramblings of the corn experience.. Let Freedom and Motorhead rule for a thousand years!!!!!!!!!!

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