Dixie Tits

from: weird Texican

I recently saw an article online with a pic of some naked chicks on the cover of a magazine. At first I thought I was in for a little free porn, but when I clicked on the article I discovered it was those weird Texican bimbos who called the president of the United States a dickless egomaniac, or something, while they were in concert in London.

It turns out that these talentless hacks have become sick and tired of all the bad press they have been getting over their comments and decided to get back at the press and the public by taking their clothes off.

That makes a lot of sense.

I wish these worthless whores would just shut the fuck up, already. I'm all about freedom of speech, but if you're going to criticize your own country and your elected officials at least have the ovaries to do it at home. They thought they were going to score a few easy points with the foreigners by trash talking their own country but I guess they forgot about recent inventions like radio, television, telephones and other media for transmitting information across the Atlantic.

Now they're in the dog house and they think they're going to score some more points by taking their clothes off...which is fine with me...but to try and turn it into a political state- ment is just plain stupid.

Six tits will only get you so far, girls.

And one more thing, if you are going to try to parley your "star power" into some kind of political influence, try to make sure you have some talent to back yourself up, and that you're not just some novelty act with the longevity of left- over linguini.

I love this quote by the only cute member of the tragic trio, "We don't want people to think that we are trying to be pro- vocative. It's not about the nakedness," band member Martie Maguire said in an accompanying interview with the magazine. "It's about clothes getting in the way of labels."

Sorry, Martie, it's all about the nakedness. No body gives a flying shit about labels. Let's just see the tits



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