soft machine

from: Mugtoe

How come I never heard these guys until last week? I'm thirty-nine years old. I'd heard the name, but I'd never listened to em, and they're good. How come I have these big blank spots in my cultural literacy? I didn't really listen to Moving Sidewalks and 13th Floor until within the last six months, and I'd reckon those two of my favorite things to listen to at the moment. Did my taste change, or did I just bump into somethin that'd been lyin around all that time unnoticed by me? wtf is up with all that? Oh well, one benefit a bein so retarded in my development, is that I get to hear this shit for the first time while all of you old jaded motherfuckers just stew in the leftover juices of the initial rush. My wire is fresh and the ph is right and every day's a new adventure and it smells like starter fluid all over the house in mere seconds. Nappy's old lady is out by the front porch diggin up worms for God knows what. They really do call her WormDigger, which I think is a stupid nick. But there she sits in the dirt, so fuck me. Cully got up drunk in the middle of the night and pissed on Nappy's livin room wall right next to where Berryman was passed out on the floor. He won't hear the end of that one for years, I reckon. The rest of us were out back drinkin out of a keg and grindin our teeth to beat hell - no sleep til they flush the toilet on all of us, looks like. Bogie's got some herpy-lipped bitch out there flashin her tits at us; we laugh along, but all of us feel for the poor bastard. Lord, but she was nasty lookin.

Soft Machine seems kinda like King Crimson crossed with the Mothers and early Pink Floyd or somethin. Syd Barrett's another one I've been listenin to endlessly. Him and Skip Spence's "Oar" LP. Somethin bout guys losin their minds and makin music that seems to work for me, I suppose.



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