KISS-FM San Antonio Playlist 7/23/78

from: Mrs. WalMartinez

Here's a little of a playlist I found from a show I did in the summer of '78. What a year...

Frank Zappa~Black Napkins Elvis Costello-Angels want to wear my red shoes The Hunt-I was only dreaming Golden Earring-Vanilla Queen

Ronnie Montrose-Open Fire Metro-Overture to Flame Atomic Rooster-Spoonful of bromade (helps the pulse go down) Fleetwood Mac- Tell Me

Fotomaker-Say the same for you Robin Trower-Too rolling stoned Tommy Bolin-Bustin' out or Rosey Danny Kirwan-Midnight in San Juan

Stevie Wright-Evie Todd Rundren-Black Maria Traffic-Every mother's son Deep Purple-This time around/ode to G

Les Dudyk-City Magic Be-Bop Deluxe-Modern Music Rush-Panacea Vangelis-Spiral

Pete Townsend/Ronnie Lane-Heart to hang on to Wishbone Ash-Blowin' Free Pavlov's Dog-Julia Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-4 way street

Mott the Hoople-Roll away the stone Jean Luc Ponty-Imaginary Voyage Jeff Beck/Jan Hammer-Side 2 live (the whole side) Todd Rundgren-Drunken Blue Rooster

Frank Zappa-Disco Boy Boz Scaggs (for Mugtoe)-Loan me a dime Alan Parsons Project-The Raven Lucifer's Friend-Broken Toys

John Lennon-Imagine Kenny Loggins/Jimmy Messina-Piece of Mind Ruby Starr-Mass transit Roger Glover-Elements

Aphrodite's Child-Battle of Locusts Armageddon-Silver Tightrope Yes-And you and I Neil Young-Old Man/Walk on (from 'Decade' LP set)

Eric Clapton-The Core Doobie Brothers-South City Midnight Lady (played every show each week) Joe Walsh-Time Out Gentle Giant-I'm turning around No Dice-Why sugar?

Led Zeppelin-In the Light, Ten Years Gone Bruce Springsteen-Adam raised a cain REO Speedwagon-Down by the damn Legs Diamond-Stagefright U.K.-In the dead of night

Patti Smith-Ask the angels Trapeze-Way back to the bone Edgar Winter-Shufflelow Black Sabbath-Sweet Leaf Jeff Beck-Freeway Jam

Genesis-Ravine Scorpions-We'll burn the sky Prism-See forever eyes Robin Trower-Caledonia

Jethro Tull-Aqualung Mother's Finest-Niggarzz can't sing rock & roll Dirty Tricks-Night Man Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-Dragonfly Wiggy Bitts-Wiggy/Love track Elf-Nevermore

This is just a random, weekend morning show I did at KISS-FM, July 23, 1978. I was 19 years old at the time.

Radio like that cannot be duplicated...I miss those days.

The always obscure ~ Mrs. W



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