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Join our group! We have great discussion. Next up is the mono mix of the Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators! Look below about obtaining recent Golden Dawn shows. Join us: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TexasPsych/

The Texas Psych group is distributing three Golden Dawn live CD’s. These come to us right from the band. Art is done too. Information about the discs is below. The discs are distributed via “Treeing” out or a Branch & Leaf Network. We thought you all might be interested in these Golden Dawn live discs. We believe in paying the artist. A $3.00 “gift”, for each disc, will be collected by your Branch and mailed into the Golden Dawn. Three bucks to show your appreciation to the artist. You need not get all three discs. You can sign up and then hammer it out with your Branch how many of these you want. All three are awesome. Read on for more information.

We are only soliciting for Branches from our own group.

If you want these discs you are a leaf. Leaves are the ends of the distribution. They are the final consumers. Leaves are folks who cannot, or do not want to, burn for others. Now, one problem we noticed with you Leaves is that many of you sign up for every offer and then do not follow through. This creates work for people on many levels. And we do not want to be dealing with people that do that. Don't sign up for these discs unless you want them.

HOW TO REPLY TO AN OFFER: If you see an offer that you want to reply to all you need to do is send a blank email with your home country in the Subject line to the Reply To: email. If you cannot do this simple thing you are going to seriously hurt your chances of getting the discs. Leaves that reply to an offer with no home country in the Subject line? You go to the bottom of the heap. You get serviced last, if at all. You'll be given any old Branch too, if there are any Branches left. Got it? Demand for these discs is at an all time high. We are going to be servicing the folks that reply the right way and we will not be wasting time on those that cannot.

OK, here are the tunes: Next up are three Golden Dawn live discs. Get yer Golden Dawn live here! Back in the day, the Golden Dawn were (sort of) the ‘Elevators protégé band. See, International Artists was trying to start a label with a roster of talent, psychedelic talent. They were the first psychedelic label. If Detroit could have Motown, then Houston could have International Artists with the psychedelic. Got it? The ‘Elevators even tried to start a club where they could indoctrinate the kids. The Authorities smelled a rat and would not approve their license. But it was looked upon as an expansion understand? The Golden Dawn were on the same trip as the ‘Elevators. The ‘Elevators saw them as part of this expansion. Unfortunately, the IA Label didn’t. They saw it as the next craze to capitalize on. Get the George Kinney Interview to hear the full story. The band did manage one LP that is a classic of the genre. It’s kind of like a companion to Easter Everywhere (I think). And guess what? They’re back together and gigging! These recordings come direct from the band. Wanna book ‘em in your town or country? Contact information is right on the disc or on the art.

Branches have to take all three discs. Leaves can select what they want. Grab all three!

Golden Dawn- Tropical Heat Live at the Tropical Heat Club, Austin, 3/25/2003 Rainman’s Daughter White Knuckle Drivin’ Runnin’ Low On Love Bonnie Blue Splash 1 Livin’ Ain’t Easy This Could Be The Last Time 6th Street Blues Sleeping Dog

Golden Dawn- Light On The Great Future Live at Rudyard’s Pub, Houston, 6/21/2003 My Time Starvation White Knuckle Drivin’ After The Fall She Lives Splash 1 Bonnie Blue Take Her To Your Heart Broken Down Helen of Troy Rainman’s Daughter Caroline On The Run Too Long 6th Street Blues Livin’ Ain’t Easy I Don’t Fit In

Golden Dawn- Schultz’s & Barb Wire Live at Schultz’s 4/1/2003 & Barb Wire 4/27/2003 both Austin Schultz’s: Evolution She Lives Splash 1 Take Her To Your Heart White Knuckle Drivin’ Dust On The Trail Rainman’s Daughter 6th Street Blues Livin’ Ain’t Easy This Could Be The Last Time Barb Wire: Lovin’ You Take Her To Your Heart The Other Side Of Town Helen Of Troy Dust On The Trail Makes Me Wonder Rollin’ Highway Rainman’s Daughter

Now remember all that stuff about putting your home country in the Subject line. Leaves pay their Branch $3.00 per disc. Then the Trunk and Branches submit these monies to the Golden Dawn.

To be a Leaf reply here: gdawnleaf@yahoo.com

That’s: gdawnleaf @ yahoo.com

"Hank, why do you drink? Why do you roll smoke? Why must you live out the songs that you wrote?"



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