Prophesy-X ::: There Are Too Many Footdraggers Out There

from: turd polisher extraordinaire

I've been browsing thru ancient posts. Quite remarkable! Mainly because I've fried so many brain cells I've forgotten realms of cool stuff that was posted in these Hollowed Out Halls Of Anti PPX Posthole Hot Diggity Doggity Tomfoolery, especially by Monde, Ed, Mug, Stash, Madame.X., tadpole, turkie, tacki, perez, plovos, and tons of strangers who used to give me shit on a daily basis... also, by ME!

Prophesy-X Deja Vu or Vuja De Eclecticlepsy-X?

Case in point, from 11/20/01's "Shut Up, Pack Your Shit, Get The Fuck Out... RIGHT NOW!" I was ranting about assholes I've had in my studio who I just got fed up with and uncerimoniously threw them out on their asses, for being FAKE MOTHERFUCKERS, old hat... but notice how perfectly I have described Steve Cureton and Mike Taylor, without even suspecting it! I thought I was talking about Bob Cox! I was hitting bull's eyes on moving targets I could not even see... yet. I see you all too well now, you blind anus sphinter pinch-off pumpaloaf Bexar Nekkid Music fraudulent record execs. Read this turd I so meticulously polished long ago... your reflection is clearly visible, imbedded deep within the crystalline facets of what I was nailing.


"There are too many footdraggers out there. They don't belong in a field of work that's based on creativity and originality. They don't deserve to masquarade as artists, especially since they are sabotuers and ingrates. One thing I have learned the hard way is most people are faking it. They want something, and they're willing to fake whatever they perceive they need to fake to get the result they want. Another surprising thing is how they really think I'm so stupid I can't see thru their act. The only time I am blinded is when I believe in them. Then I am fooled, but only because I made a wrong assumption, not because they cleverly tricked me. They just lied, that's all."



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