Our record collection

from: Mugtoe

Here's a few shots of our record collection. It ain't near as big as some a y'alls, but we got some interesting stuff in there. I should update our list. The most recent list I've got is from Feb 2002.


Here's the list:

Videos... -Instrument (FUGAZI)-excellent video directed mostly by jem cohen..highly recomended. VHS -Instrument DVD version (has extra live performances and 2 jem cohen short films. -Rorschach live in 5 different places...includes a crazy 100th show in Hamberg Germany -Stokey Punx (profane existence original) has Dread Messiah, Coitus, and the suicidal supermarket trolleys... -Slayer "Live Intrusion" live form the divine intervention tour..includes..angel of death, hell awaits,dittohead, raining blood etc...

2"2"2"2"2"2 Slight Slappers "very Best of Slight Slappers" slap a ham

5"5"5"5"5"5"5" Capitalist Casualties "Dark Circle" conspiracy evolve (picture disk w/biohazard bag) Drop Dead/Crossed Out 5" crust records Hellnation "At War w/Emo" slap a ham (orange viynl) spazz/GOB split (in guitar string case) (satans pimp rec.)

3"3"3"3"3"3" cd's Enemy Soil "Fractured Theology" PEFE/98 (good) Dropdead "Hirochima" PEFE (live in Hiroshima) The avalanches

6"6"6"6"6" Combat wounded veteran/orchid split 6" cleanplate rec.

7"7"7"7"7"7"7" .fuckingcom 7" Prank rec. Anal Massaker/meatslave 7" Nat rec. Anarchus "500 years of Infamay" green viynl gothic rec. Anarchus/AK-47 anomie rec. Antisocial behavior/legion of doom (subordi-nation rec.)colored cover Anti-Product "1st one" Obese Rec. Anti-Product "big buisness" Tribal War Antischism "end of time+one" dbl 7" selfless rec. Assrash "save your doomed future" PE/SKULD Asbestosdeath "Dejection" Profane Existence (repress) Amen/Short Hate Temper (Sound Pollution) Amen (the good amen) "somewhere in europe" Artimus Pyle s/t Life is Abuse rec. blue viynl Artimus Pyle "cold cold earth" prank rec. Asinine Solution "escape from wisconsin" (asinine rec) (out of print) Asinine Solution "my dads a goat" beer city Asinine Solution "cause//efect" asinine rec. Assfort Prank rec. 7" Banished/Deadstate (organize and arise) Belle & Sebastian "Sing Jonathon David" matador Benumb/suppression Live flexi (monkeybite 002) Bikini Kill "Rebel Girl" kill rock stars Black Army jacket "the path of 2 swords as 1" chainsaw safety rec. Bongzilla/Hellchild(H:G Fact) Bongzilla "Mixed Bag" (Rhetoric) "tune in, turn on, HIT THE BONG!" Bongzilla/Cavity (Rhetoric) Bonnie "Blue" Billy westernviynl 009 grey marble viynl Bonnie Prince Billie (all city nomad 1998) Born Dead Icons "Modern Plague" Born Dead Icons (first 7") deranged records Botch/Cave In "these Black Days *Black Sabbath covers* (series) hydrahead Bread and Water "strength in Numbers 7" diy release? Burned Up Bled Dry "cloned Slaves" slap a ham Buzzov*en "s/t" reptilian rec. Cavity "sometime sweet susan" (rhetoric) Cavity "fuck Diabolo"( arm rec). awesome! Cavity "Wounded" NO! rec. White Viynl NEW* Cattlepress "Showerd in the love"( Dev. Soundworks) Cease & desist/No Class (un-yeltman rec) Civil Disobedience "in a few hours of madness" PE/Havoc (red viynl) Christdriver "blind" PE/SKULD Code 13 "a part of america died today" havoc Combat Wounded Veteran "What flaver is your death squad leader"schematics rec. silkscreened cover Confrontation "1989" draw blank rec. Contropotere "solo salvagii" skuld rec Corrupted (newest 7" not sure of the title..first song is La Victims es tu Mismo) View Byond Rec Corrupted/Enemy Soil (H:G fact) Corrupted/Black Army Jacket (fridgity discos) Corrupted 1st 7" "El Tren" (Japan Overseas) Corrupted/Grief (H:G Fact) Corrupted "dios injusto" Corrupted/Scarver's Calling (lable?) Corrupted/phobia "kindub pic disk" 7" rhetoric rec Corrupted/Machetazo Frigidity discos Corrupted/Meat Slave HG Fact flexi 7" Cripple bastards/Praparation-H Crow "Prank Rec." CWILL "7inch" sacro egoism rec. Dahmer s/t (spinless rec.) Damad "Centric" Clean Plate Damad "Rewind" bacteria sour brown viynl #'d 62/253 Dandy Warhols "bohemian like you" 7" UK press Dandy Warhols "Get off" #108 7" english release Disagree/Ungovern Mental Profance exist. gray viynl Discharge "realities of war" 7" clay rec. Discharged "bands like neurosis, nausea, and extreme noise terror doing discharge covers" allied rec. Diskonto "More power to the cops" malarie rec. Diskonto "A shattered Society" PE/SKULD Diskonto "silenced by oppression" cleanplate rec. Diskonto/Distjej split 7" crust rec. Disclose "Visions of War" distortion rec. Disclose "A mass of raw sound assualt" mcr co Dismachine/cumrage split 7" biem rec. Dissension "sanctioned" fetus rec. Dead Kennedy's "Bleed for me" original 7" on alt.tent virus 23 Defacto Oppression "Were digging our own graves" red viynl with mixup song titles...18 pressings in existence Default "die with honor" power ground Default "beyond our Means" Power ground Detestation/Abuso Sonoro Detestation "the inhumane condition" Consensous reality Deathreat s/t prank rec. (clear blue splatter vinyl) Deathreat "no reason" 7" Deathreat/Talk is poison (prank rec.) Doom "police Bastard" PE/SKULD DRI 22 song ep bootleg 7" DS-13/Exit-13 Havoc rec. gray marble viynl Dystopia "Backstabber" Life is Abuse dystopia/Suffering Luna repress 7" Ebola "imprecation" flat earth rec. Employer, Employee "mother Spain & the wayfaring Myth (graham williams rec.) Enemy Soil "Casualties of Progress" relapse rec. purple wax Excrutiating Terror/Agathocles (Pessimiser) Excrutiating Terror "live at gilman" red vinyl (625 productions) Extinction of Mankind "scars of mankind still weep" PE/SKULD Failure face "all pain no gain" ebullition Final warning "eyes of a child" tribal war (green viynl) Forca Macabra (black cover) lable? Forca Macabra/Homomilitia split 7" malarie rec. Fleas & Lice/Assrash "Up the Punks" PE/SKULD From Ashes Rise "Fragments of a Fallen Sky" Clean Plate Rec. From Ashes Rise s/t *NEW* partners in crime rec. Fugazi "hello morning..3 song 7" new clear dischord Gasp/Volume 11 "welcome to the cosmos" (cool packaging) Gauze (prank) 7" white vinyl Genocide SS "another fucking EP" white viynl Distortion rec. GISM/SIC live boot 7" ..pink viynl hand # 42/200 Gojira "dont fear the cookie monster "ep Grief/13 split 7" Guyana Punch Line "sounds for the new youth aesthetic" prank Head Hits Concrete "Sound of Betrayal" clear viynl Health Hazard/sawn off (smack in the mouth rec.) Hellnation/Sink "pink vinyl" (sound pollution) Hellnation/CFDL split (sound pollute rec.) gray viynl Hell No (ex members of rorschach) wardance rec. Hemdale/Disgust Visceral rec. His Hero Is Gone "fools Gold" His Hero Is Gone "The Dead of Night" Prank Homeless Benefit EP V/A (corrupted, Hellnation, real reggae, ebola, autoritar, Lack of Interest..etc)Bad Card/revolution rec. Icons of Filth "not on her majesty's service (mortarhate rec.) white viynl Inflicted/Ojorojo Power ground In/humantiy "occultonomy"( old glory) International Noise Conspiracy "the reproduction of death" sub pop Jellyroll Rockheads :KillTrend Thrash Demo 1999" youth attack rec. white viynl Jellyroll Rockheads "intense and Mild" 625 rec. clear orange viynl Kill the man who question (*Bloodlink rec.) KungFu Rick/Curtainrail split 7" 625 rec Locust/melt Banana split 7" bright orange viynl CSL rec. Loud & Ugly vol. 2 (eyehategod, despise you, thug, apt. 213, floor etc. bovine Low "Venus" sub pop single Macabre/Capitalist casualties (red viynl) D.B.D records Man Is the Bastard "abundance of guns" SOA rec. Mankind/dirt (tribal war) red vinyl Mankind "join the army" Eugene rec. Maneurysm "swallowed by karma" power ground rec. CLOTH! and paper covers.. Manual Seven "the Shattering" PE/SKULD Minor Threat "live at buff hall' lost and found rec. Misery "next time" PE/SKULD (grey) Neanderthal sound comapny rec. No Parade (member of from ashes rise) partners in crime rec Noothgrush/Wellington (Deep Six rec.) Paindriver "the Truth..." Sound Pollution Painkiller V/A #2 (Hellchild, Bongzilla, Vomitus, CST) Dev. Sound. green viynl (Vomitus destroys!) Pedro the Lion "a guitar for jane" (storybook with music 7")suicide squeeze rec. Orchid/Red Scare Hand Held Heart rec. Orchid/Pig Destroyer7" amendment rec. transparent green vinyl Phobia "Enslaved" slap a ham Rash of Beatings "Sensual Underground" Redrum s/t 702 rec. blue viynl Remains of the day 7" (former members of inflicted and EFIL) Remission "a few faces of protest" import/out of print Remission "fetus the code" out of print Rorschach/1.6 split 7" Rorschach "needlepack" veriform (gatefold) Rorschach/neanderthal split 7" vermiform rec Scorned s/t 7" Scorned/Hellbound split 7" Shellac "Uranus" omo Sleater-Kinney "youre no rock n roll fun" Kill rock stars Smash your Face 7" new on Prank Rec ( from japan) Songs of Zarathusta 2 song ep hand held heart rec Submission Hold "garlic for victory" hopscotch rec. (the musics not really my thing, but the lyrics are awesome) Sunny Day Real Estate "How It Feels to Be Something On" sub pop 7" Sunny Day Real Estate/Shudder to think (tour 7" from 94')sub pop 7" Swallowing Shit "love is the act of being moved into action" Swallowing Shit "let my struggling spirit in itself be free" 7" spiral objective rec Spazz/Opstand split 7" coalition rec. Servitude "apparatus" PE/SKULD grey viynl Severed Head State "Dedem Das Seine" ebbulition Stack/narsaak per koho rec. State of fear "wallow in squalor" PE/SKULD Stereolab "the free design" DUHD rec Stereolab Miss Modular The strokes "last night" Scuzz "Liability" Asinine Rec. Talk Is Poison "Control" Prank NEW* Thrash (Barbaric Demolition) VOL II (jel;ly roll rockheads, Lifes Halt, Limpwrist) 625 rec. Times square preachers "dont be numb" 7" Biem rec. (pre-diskonto) Times square preachers "Nazi Raus" 7" biem rec.(pre-diskonto) Tomb of Grind (various artists) dahmer, exploding corpse action etc... Total Fury/The oath tour 7"..blue cover clear with large hole in center.. Totalitar "class inte rasz" prank rec. Twin Threat to Your Sanity dbl 7"(w/Corrupted, dystopia, noothgrush, bongzilla) Ulcer/Failure face (Burrito rec.) Urban Waste (repress) has classics such as No hope and Reject.lable ? usurp synapse/jeromes dream clean plate...white viynl...silkscreened cover USV s/t 7" Uranus dbl 7" great american steak religion. Various Artist 7" w/hiatus, indian dream, mushroom attack, political asylum etc. Be yourself records. Whipped/Inhumane "We Need Our Wars" sabotage rec. Whipped (weed & seed) Whorehouse of representatives/Toxic Narcotic orange marble wax (rodent Popsical rec.) Word Salad "Specimen" prank Word Salad "electric funeral" prank World "grind Osaka" mcr co. 7" World/Crippled Bastards 7" nat rec. Xerobot (VML LIVE) ZYKLON-B/Mayhem split pic disk (mayhem does necrolust)

10"10"10"10" Damad/Meatjack ataloss rec. Corrupted "El Dios Queja" 10" tag rag rec. Grief/16 Pessimiser Iron Monkey "We've Learned Nothing" 10" clear brown/tan swirl (Mans ruin Rec.) Enemy Soil "ruins of eden" (Insolito) Melvins "Eggnog" boner rec. original press Man is the Bastard/Locust split 10" KOTM rec. this is the new repressed version. Mogwai/bardo pond limited edition 10" from tour matador rec Orchid/Jeromes Dream (Skull) 10" witchinghour Orchid "dance tonight! revolution tomorrow! ebullition Diskonto/Abuse consume, be silent, die! rec. Stereolab "Low FI" Stereolab s/t too pure rec

12"12"12"12"12" 324 (NEW full length on LP format!) 16 "Blaze of Incompetence" pessimiser Aftermath dbl lp Complilation "profane existence" (damad, doom, diskonto, legion of doom, antisocial behavior, REACT, and many more...) Agathocles "thanks for your hostility" morbid rec Amebix "The Power Remains" PE/SKULD Amebix "arise" +bonus7" Alt.Tent. Anti Cimex "rapped ass" distortion rec (classic swedish hardcore) Armagedon/Forca Macabra six weeks rec Artimus Pyle "civil dead" prank Assuck "anticapital" sound pollution Autopsy "acts of the unspeakable" peaceville rec. Avskum "in the spirit of mass destruction" prank rec. Beat Happening "Black Candy" k rec Beat Happening "Dreamy" K rec Beat Happening "Jambouree" K rec. Beat Happening "You Turn me On" K rec. Black Flag "whos got the 10.5 sst rec. Born Dead Icons "Salvation on the knees" partners in crime Braid "Frame and Canvas" polyvinyl Brutal Truth "Need to Control" 12" earache mosh 110 Built to Spill "Ancient Melodies of the future" lp Up rec. Burning Witch "towers" slap a ham (clear vinyl) Buzzcocks "singles, going steady" irs Carcass "symphonies of sickness" gatefold with morbid pics Earache mosh18 Carcass "reek of Putrefaction" earache mosh 6 Carcass "Necroticism" earache mosh 42 Catharsis "Samsara" dbl lp CrimethInc. worker collective Cattlepress/ Agoraphobic Noosebleed (bovine rec.) Cavity "train station" Rhetoric Combat Wounded Veteran "I know girl that developes crime scene photos" lp first press aqua cream color wax. no idea rec. Corrupted/Noothgrush (resevoir) lp Crucifix "dehumanized"lp Crossed Out "1990-1993" discography lp Crass (all the typical stuff) Christdriver "Everything Burns" PE/SKULD The Danielson Family "Alpha/Omega" dbl lp on white viynl (sound familyre rec) The Danielson Family "Fetch the compass kids" lp (sound familyre rec) Damad "burning cold" rad pushead art prank rec. DBC "dead brain cells" 12" combat rec. Death Cab For Cutie "We have the facts and were voting yes" lp barsuk rec. Disaffect "Chained to morality" Nabate Rec Disassociate "controlled Power" devestating soundworks Discordance Axis "the inalienable dreamless" hydra head Discharge "Hear Nothing, see nothing, say nothing (clay rec.) Discharge "the more i see" clay rec. Diskonto "Freedom is out of site!" Crust as fuck records. Diskonto "Destroy Rebuild" Reiterate Diskonto "there is no tomorrow" flowerviolence records (new lp by these swedish masters) Divisia "Wifebeater" Pessimiser Defiance "no future no hope" mind control rec Deathreat "the severing of the last window" partners in crime Dj.Shadow "preemptive strike" (Mo wax)rec. Dj.Shadow (record store cover) mo wax rec. Doom "fuck peaceville" grade A rec. Doom "rush hour of the gods" F.E.021 Dropdead s/t 1st press Selfless rec. Dropdead "armegeddon Label" purple transparent vinyl Dystopia "Human Garbage" Life is Abuse rec. Dystopia/Skaven (life is abuse) Dystopia/Embittered (Misanthropic rec.) eldopa "1332" east bay menace rec, Elvis Costello "armed forces"lp Elvis Costello "my aim is true"lp Elvis Costello "get happy"lp Elvis Costello "King of America"lp Emperor " Anthems to the welken at dusk.." lp candlelight rec. Emperor "IX equilibrium" gatefold on candlelight rec. Eyehategod pessimiser rec. Facade Burned Black "Ashen Remains of Midwestern Flames" cleanplate (green viynl) Excrutiating Terror "Devided we Fall" pessimiser rec. "2 copies of this" Fear of Smell lp (compilation with bands like Rorschach, MITB, Infest, etc..) Fiesta Comes Alive (slap a ham) blue vinyl Final Conflict "ashes to ashes" (black box rec.) pink vinyl From Ashes Rise "concrete and steel" lp From Ashes Rise "Silence" ebullition rec lp NEW Fugazi "Instrument" dischord rec. Fugazi "End Hits" dischord rec lp GASP "Drone triller of zoo people (slap a ham rec.) GASP/Suffering Luna (Lable?) clear viynl NEW* GISM/Comes (bootleg) dogma rec. Grief "Miserably Ever After" Pessimiser Grief "Torso" Pessimiser 2 copies of this Grindcrusher "earache comp with bonus 7" Guts Pie Earshot "Wait" skuld rec. Guts Pie Earshot "distorted Wonderland"revolution inside rec His hero Is Gone "Fifteen Counts of Arson" Prank His Hero Is Gone " the plot sickens, enslavement redefined" 2 copies of this "gatefold" His Hero Is Gone/Uranus split 12" Helium "the magic city" matador Hellbastard (test press) of mosh 22 earache Hellnation "Your Chaos Days Are Numbered" Sound Pollution Heresy Discography lp Honeywell (name?) lp on Mollycoddle rec Hookers "satans highway" Spooch Pooch rec. Immortal "Battles in the North" pic disk Osmose rec. In/humanity "history behind the mystery" 12"+7" Prank rec. Inflicted/Segue split lp power ground rec. Initial State "abort the soul" prank repress (clear vinyl) Ire "I descern" mountian cooperative "2 copies of this" Joan Of Arc "a portable model of" jade tree rec Joy Division "closer" Joy Division "shes lost control" 12" single Lack of Interest "trapped inside" slap a ham Lemonheads "Lovey" atlantic The Locust/Melt Banana split 7" orange viynl csl records Los Crudos/Spitboy (Ebullition) LOW/Dirty Three collaboration lp "Konkurrent" Malefaction "man grows cold" of our enslavement rec. blue vinyl Man is the Bastard "discography" gray viynl Man is the Bastard aka charred remains..sum of the men" vermiform Manowar "Into the glory" 12" Marduk "Nightwing" Osmose rec. hand numbered #65/1500 Marduk "Obedience" 12" osmose rec. Marduk "glorification" " Mayhem "wolf's lair abyss" 12" misanthropy rec. Medication Time "One free Miracle Ticket" Life is Abuse/Ruinous Rec. color gatefold Metallica "and justice for all" (original) dbl Lp electra rec. 12" Mercyful fate "dont break the oath" roadrummer rec. Mineral "the power of failing" crank! Ministry "jesus built my hotrod" 12" single Misery "who's the Fool" Profane/Skuld Man is the bastard discography (deep six rec.) grey vinyl Mob 47 "Garanterat Mangel" Distortion rec. Modest Mouse "Everywhere and his nasty parlour tricks" Modest Mouse "sadsappysucker" K rec Morbid Angel "live" red viynl Headache rec. Morbid Angel "Blessed are the Sick" earache mosh 31 Morbid Angel "Domination" lp Morser "hour of doom" per koro (BRUTAL!) Nation of Ulysses! "plays pretty for baby" dischord rec. Nausea "Extinction" PE/SKULD Necrophagia "holocausto de la morte"red stream rec. Nema "bring our curses home" Neurosis "enemy of the sun" alt. tent. rec. New Order "cyrstal" with extra remixes 12" single New Order "crystal" remixes by dj's different from the 12" posted above. New Order "someone like you" remixes by various dj's dbl lp Nausea "Extinction" PE/SKULD Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "the best of" dbl lp NIN "sin" 12" single Not So Quiet on the Western Front dbl lp *alt tent/sonic red. rec* Nuclear Assualt "brain dead" combat rec. Nuclear Assualt "Game Over" pic disk combat rec. Nuclear Assualt "Handle with Care" in-effect rec. Nuclear Assualt "name escapes me" combat Orchid "chaos is me" Ebullition rec Palace Brothers s/t (will you miss me when i burn) dc50 Panthers "are you down" trouble man unlimited rec (members of Orchid and Jeromes dream) Pig Destroyer "Explosions in ward 6" on green viynl cleanplate rec. Protes Bengt "Manglar Som Agg" 625 rec. Rainer Maria "past worn searching" polyvinyl rec. Really Fast #24 (has swedish bands like dismachine, ds-13 etc.) dbl lp Reality #2 (spazz, Excrutiating terror, dystopia, Enemy Soil, GASP, Purgatoria etc) Deep six Reversal of Man "This is Medicine" ebullition rec. Rites of Spring dischord Rorschach "remain sedate" Vermiform. (semi-trans & black wax) Rorschach "Protestant" LP Rudimentary Peni crass rec. Shellac "at action park" Sin Dios 91-97 skuld rec. dbl lp..huge package Sin Dios "Insobernables" dont belong rec. Slayer "Reign in Blood" lp Sleater-Kinney "dig me out" kill rock stars Slight slippers/Short hate temper (Sound pollution) Smiths, The "the queen is dead" Smith, Elliot "happiness" SOB "noise, Violence, Destroy" sob thrash with kaiden noise LP SOB "Leave me alone" SOB "dont be swindle" Spazz "la Revancha" sound pollution rec Spazz "crush kill destroy" slap a ham Spencer,John "Now I got Worries" Matador rec State of fear "table will turn" PE/SKULD State of the Union "profane existence" Stereolab "peng" too pure rec. Stereolab "emperor tomato ketchup" electra Stereolab "captain easychord" 12 single electra Stooges "debut lp" Subhumans (All of the typical stuff) Submission Hold "waiting for a monkey to throw the first brick" ebullition rec. Sunny Day Real Estate "Live" dbl lp Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair "near to you" limited #231/1000 Terrorizer "world downfall" earache rec. mosh 16 Totalitar/Dismachine split lp BIEM rec. Totalitar/Disclose split lp BIEM rec. Tragedy Tragedy rec.001 Ulcer "Indignation" Bovine rec. Uranus "Disater by design" american steak religion rec. Volume 11 "prole Art Threat" clear viynl (comes with 3d glasses)hand held heart Walls of Jericho "the bound feed the gagged" trustkill rec. Whipped "agitator" Outcast Rec. Whisper V/A (Dystopia, Unhinged, Misery, Abc Diabolo etc..) 2/lp PE/SKULD

CD's CD CD CD's ALL CDS LISTED ARE ORIGINALS!..none burned although i have a huge list of burned stuff(sorry,,,not in alphabetical order(more indie stuff towards top..black metal and hardcore throughout middle and end) Air "Moon Safari" Air "10,000HZ legend" Air "remixed songs" burned cdr The Avalanches "since i left you" The Shins "Oh Inverted World" sub pop The Strokes "is this it" Faithless "Outrospective" Defacto Oppression "screen symphony suicide" Danielson Family "tell another joke at the ole choppin block" sc rec Built to Spill "Keep it like a Secret" Rufus Wainwright s/t Rufus Wainwright "poses" Aloha "the great..." polyviynl rec Rorschach "Live in Italy" 92 gern blandsten American Football s/t polyvinyl Bauhaus "vol. 1" Belle and Sebastian "dog on wheels" cdep matador Belle and Sebastian "3..6..9.. seconds of light" matador Belle and Sebastian "lazy painter jane" cdep matador Belle and Sebastian "the boy with the arab strap" cd matador Badly Drawn Boy "the hour of bewilderbeast" Blonde Redhead "s/t" smells like rec. Born Dead Icons "work" deadalive rec B.R.M.C. black rebel motorcycle club Brutal Truth "extreme conditions..." Paris Texas "brazilliant" polyviynl Death Cab for Cutie "Forbidden Love" epcd Death Cab for Cutie "something about airplanes" cd barsuk rec Death Cab For Cutie "the photo album" tour disk with extra cd barsuk rec. Pedro the Lion "whole" cd/ep Pedro the Lion "the only reason i feel secure" pedro the lion "winners never quit" pedro the lion "its hard to find a friend" pedro the lion "progress" 4 songs..2 from the story book 7" PJ Harvey "Is This Desire" Mary Timony "mountains" former helium member new solo album on matador rec. Modest Mouse "the moon & antartica" Modest Mouse "the lonesome crowded west" Ride "going blank again" Ride "smile" Requiem for a Dream (soundtrack) features Kronos quartet Lush "Ciao..best of" Lush "Gala" Love and Rockets "seventh dream of teenage heaven" Jets to Brazil "Four Cornerd Night" Jets to Brazil "Orange rhyming dictionary" Jejune "The afternoon malady" Jeromes Dream "presents" Damien Jurado "Rehersals for departures" Rainer Maria "a better version of me" Tribes of Neurot "silver blood transmission" relapse Kraftwreck "trans europe express" Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "murder ballads" Mogwai "ep=2" matador Mogwai "come on die young" Mogwai "young team" jetset Mogwai "Rock Action" Mogwai "4 satin ep" Elliot Smith "Figure 8" dreamworks Elliot Smith s.t Kill rock stars My Bloody Valentine "Loveless" My Bloody Valentine "isnt Anything" My Bloody Valantine "glider" Discordance Axis/CORRUPTED/324 3-way split cd on HG Fact Fucking noise Terror VA cd put out by sound pollution..contains: diskonto,dissasociate, hail of rage, systral, genocide ss, in/humanity etc. The Cramps "Rockingnreelinginfucklandnewzealandxxx" live cd reissue vengence rec The Charlatans UK "wonderland" The Charlatans UK "Us and only Us" Hedwig and the angry Inch "soundtrack" C.O.C. Eye for an eye+ 6 songs caP'n Jazz "Analphabetapolothology" jade tree Tool "undertow" zoo Tool "Aenima" zoo Tool "Lateralus" tool disectional Half Janpanesse The Flaming Lips "hear it is" Red House Painters s/t 4AD Rec Boyslife "Departures and Landfalls" Blur "13" Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "ease down the road" palace rec. Palace Music "Lost blues and other songs" Sebadoh "Harmacy" sub pop Sebadoh "the sebadoh" Sebadoh "backsale" sub pop Stereolab "aluminum tunes" Stereolab "first of the Microbe Hunters" Stereolab "dots and loops" Stereolab "Mars Audiac Quintet" Stereolab "switched on" Stereolab "Cobra and the phases group voltage in the milky night" elektra Stereolab "and the groop played space-age bachelor pad music" elektra Stereolab "transient random noise bursts with announcements" Stereolab "soundust" The Smiths s/t The Smiths "Best II" The Smiths "Meat Is Murder" Morrissey "kill uncle" Morrisey "arsenal" Morrisey "viva hate" Tricky "angles with dirty faces" Lou Reed "Rock and Roll animal" Lou Reed "Berlin" Nico "chelsea Girl" Weezer s/t blue Botch "We are the romans" A Perfect Circle "mer de Noms" (has Maynard from Tool singing) Fugazi 13 songs fugazi repeater fugazi in on the kill taker fugazi red medicine fugazi sterady diet of nothing Fugazi the arguement At the Drive-In "relationship of command" Converge "petitioning the empty sky" Dissection "storm in the lights bane" nuclear blast From Ashes Rise NEW CD with both lps New and old..and 7" also unreleased discharge cover.. Massive Attack "Mezzanine" Massive Attack "Blue Lines" Maria Callas "best of" New Order "Substance 1987" dbl cd New Order "Get Ready" New Order cdep for the single "crystal" Steven Malkmus s/t matador Pavement "wowee zowee" matador Pavement "terror twilight" matador Pavement "Crooked Rain Crooked Rain" matador Pavement "major Leagues" matador The White Stripes s/t The White Stripes "white blood cells" Yo La Tengo "and then nothing turned itself inside-out" matador Yo La Tengo "ride the tiger" Simian "chemistry is what we are" Satyricon "rebel extravaganza" Kyuss "..and the circus leaves town" Gehenna "Seen through the veils of Darkness" Ulver "nattens Madrigal" century black rec. Ulver "Kveldssanger" cdr Emperor/Enslaved split cd Emperor "in the nightside eclipse" Emperor "wrath of the tyrant" century black Dodheimsgard "satanic Art"cdr Dodheimsgard "Kronet til Konge" Dodhiemsgard "666 international" Emperor "in the nightside eclipse" Immortal "damned in black" osmose rec Immortal "pure Holocaust" osmose rec. Immortal "blizzard Beasts" osmose rec. Immortal "Battles in the North"cdr Immortal "at the heart of winter"cdr Gorgoroth "pentagram" century black Old Mans Child "Revelation666" Mysticum "in the streams of inferno" cdr Mayhem "De Mysteriis Dom Santhanas" Mayhem "Wolfs lair Abyss" Mayhem "A grand declaration of war" cdr copy of promo Dark Throne "live in oslo" cdr copy Dark Throne "trans Hunger" peaceville rec. Dark Throne "Panzerfaust" osmose rec Venom "Welcome to Hell" Dillinger Escape Plan "calculating infinity" relapse Today is the Day "In the Eyes of God" relapse Today is the Day "temple of the morning star" relapse Agathocles "Humarrogance" Half Life rec. Gore "consumed by slow decay" Half Life rec. Noctuary "where all agony prevails" half life rec. Apocalypse "transend into oblivion" half life rec. Antisocial behavior/EFIL half life rec. Cattle Press "hordes to abolish the divine" hydra head Disassociate "imperfect world" M.I.A rec. cd The GloriaRecord cd/ep crank rec Fu Manchu "the action is go" Fu Manchu "King of the road" Eyehategod "dopesick" century media Eyehategod "in the name of suffering" century media Mahavishnu orchestra "brids of fire" cd The Frogs "It's Only Right And Natural" Dead Prez "lets get free" Dystopia "The Aftermath..." 4 new songs, redone version of Sleep, backstabber stuff, Skaven split 12" songs, suffering luna and grief split7"...and extra bonus track,,Rudi Peni cover that appeared on the Whispers comp..Awesome! Melt banana "MxBx 1998/13000 Miles At Light Velocity" Tzadik rec. MANGE "Disillusioned" new on HALF LIFE RECORDS! Septic Death (bacteria sour cd,,amazing packaging) bacteria sour limited edition. Morbid Angel "formulas fatal..." earache Word Salad "2000..." Prank rec. Burning Witch "Crippled Lucifer" southern Lord rec.(AWESOME!) Burning Witch/Goatsnake split cd hydra head (i think?) PHOBIA "means of Existence" Slap a ham Faith No More "album of teh year" Faith No More "King for a day fool for a lifetime" Faith No More "Angel Dust" DISCHARGE "Why" reciever rec. (includes 12" and 12 bonus tracks & 6 page booklet) Assuck "Misery index" Sound pollution Morbid Angel "Formulas Fatal to the Flesh" Earache His hero is gone "monuments to thieves' Prank Black Flag My war sst rec. Black flag "slip it in" sst Black Flag "the first 4 years" sst Black Flag "everything went black" sst Bongzilla "methods of attaining high altitudes" relapse Bongzilla "Stash" relapse Iron Maiden s/t raw power melvins "joe preston" boner rec. Possessed to Skate comp (despise you, spazz, charles bronson, pretentious assholes) pessimiser rec. Corrupted/Noothgrush (resevoir) cd has extra tracks from each band..(extra Corrupted "llenandose de gusanos" dbl cd (slow & heavy as fuck) NEW! Discordance Axis "the inalienable dreamless" NEW CD! dvd style packaging Discordance Axis "devour cd" w/splits with melt banana & Plutocracy Sade "Lovers Rock"..this is really good.. Jeremy Enigk "return of the frog queen" Sunny Day Real Estate "Diary" sub pop Sunny Day Real Estate "How it feels to be something" sub pop Sunny Day Real Estate "pink album" sub pop Sunny Day Real Estate "live cd" sub pop Sunny Day Real Estate "rising tide" time bomb Shudder to Think "pony express record" Cursive "Domestica" saddle creek rec Travis "this invisible band" Walls of Jericho "A day and a thousand years" International Noise Conspiracy "survival sickness" refused "the shape of punk to come" The selecter "selected selecter selections" David gray "white ladder" Radiohead "Kid A" Radiohead "OK computer" Radiohead "Amnesiac" Beck "midnight vultures" Sleep "holy mountian" earache **SMOKE** Sleep "volume one" Soilent Green "Sewn Mouth Secrets" relapse Excrutiating terror "Expression of pain" pessimiser Excrutiating terror "devided we fall" pessimiser Antischism "still life" allied rec. Dead America "Bleed the Human heart" Half Life rec. V/A Nothings quiet on the eastern front (dropdead, disassociate, black army jacket etc.) reservoir rec. Sepultura "Chaos Ad" roadrunner Sepultura "roots" roadrunner Helmet "Meantime" interscope Queen "sheer heart attack" hollywood rec. Queen "a night at the opera" hollywood rec. Elvis Costello "this years photographer" Elvis Costello " the best of.." Elvis Costello" my aim is true" Blind Melon (all) on CD Doves "lost Souls" Pete Yorn "musicforthemorningafter" Cocteau Twins "the pink opaque" Amon Tobin "supermodified" Amon Tobin "permutation" Joy Division "the bbc recordings" Joy Division "Heart and Soul" This is the complete boxset of everything ever released cept a portion of one song. 4 cds and nice color booklet. Lenny Kravits "Mama Said" Soundgarden "badmotorfinger" Soundgarden "superunknown" Soundgarden "Louder than Love" Cannibal Corpse "Butchered at birth" Death rec Cannible Corpse "Tomb of the mutilated" Death rec Cannible Corpse "Vile" Death rec. Dandy warhols "13 songs of urban bohemia" Dandy Warhols "the dandy warhols come down" Dandy Warhols "dandys rule OK?" dandy warhols "massive attack remixes" dandy warhols "bohemian like you" cd sings with 2 extra trax dandy warhols "get off" cd single with 2 extra trax Outcast "stankonia" Coldplay "parachutes" LOW "songs for a dead pilot" Low "Things we lost in the fire" Low "the curtain kills the cat" Low "christmas" Lemonheads "its a shame about ray" Lemonheads "come on feel the lemonheads" Lemonheads "car, button, cloth" Daft Punk "discovery" Bolt Thrower " The IV Crusade" Earache Neurosis "Times of Grace" Relapse Neurosis "through silver in blood" Relapse Neurosis "The word is law" Lookout Rec. Neurosis "pain of mind" AlTentacles Napalm Death "Scum" Earache Napalm Death "From Enslavement to Obliteration" Earache Corporate Death V/A (Phobia, Suffocation, Disrupt, A.C., Macabre etc..) Relapse Spazz/Lack of Interest "Double Whammy" split e.p. (with extra live tracks) Deep six Sonic Youth "washing Machine" cd Supergrass s/t Xerobot "Control Pannel" File Under X rec. Decembers January "cd/ep" Bjork "selma songs" Bjork "debut" Bjork "post" Bjork "homogenic" Hell on Earth "demo" cd Pink Floyd "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" Velvet Underground "Live 1969" includes he song "ocean" Velvet Underground "complete boxset" 5 cds and book.,,peelable banana Velocity Girl "sympatico" World's Finest Hardcore Comp featuring Necros, Fartz, Angry samoans, clitboys etc..62 songs.

CLASSIC ROCK LP's..(all records in great condition!) Classic Rock & older LPS (all in great condition) Black Sabbath "volume 4"lp Black Sabbath "Vol 4" repress lp Black Sabbath "we sold our souls to rock" dbl lp Black Sabbath "Masters of reality"lp Black Sabbath "paranoid"lp Black Sabbath "Sabbath bloody Sabbath" LP&CD Black Sabbath s/t CD Black Sabbath "sabotage" LP&CD Ozzy Osbourne "blizzard of oz" CRAZY TRAIN!!lp Judas Priest "british steel" Judas Priest "Hell bent for leather" lp Judas Priest "screaming vengence"lp Judas Priest "sin after sin" lp Iron Maiden "Live after Death" dbl lp Iron Maiden "piece of Mind" lp Motley Crue "shout at the devil" satanic pentagram gatefold cove Allman Brothers "live at the Filmore East" dbl lp Santana "Abraxas"lp Santana "Amigos"lp Santana "s/t"lp Santana "III" lp Iggy Pop "new values" The Jimi hendrix Experience "electric ladyland" dbl lp Genesis "Live" (1974) Talking Heads "Speaking in tongues"lp Talking Heads "true stories"lp hawkwind "live dbl lp" Steely Dan "greatest Hits"lp Steely Dan "Katy Lied"lp Steely Dan "the royal scam"lp janis Joplin "pearl"lp Dire Straits "s/t" (this has sultans of swing,,.awesome song)lp Lou Reed "transformer"lp Lou Reed "The Blue Mask"lp Jethro Tull "Aqualung" LP Velvet Underground "andy Warhol" lp The Police "syncronicity"lp Saturday Night fever dbl lp YES "YESTERDAYS"lp YES "Close to the edge"lp YES "Songs" triple lp YES "Shows" dbl lp YES "Fragile"lp YES "Tales from topographic oceans"lp YES "relayer"lp YES "Drama"lp YES "the YES album"lp Chris Squire "fish out of water" YES solo project lp Rick Wakeman "journey to the centre of the earth" YES solo project lp Rick Wakeman "the 6 wives of Henry the 8th" YES solo project lp Rush "Signals"lp Rush "moving pictures"lp Rush "2112"lp Rush "permenant waves"lp Led Zeppelin "II"lp Led Zeppelin "III"lp Led Zeppelin "4 symbols"lp Led Zeppelin "song remains the same" dbl lp Led Zeppelin "physical graffiti" dbl lp Led Zeppelin "In through the out door" lp Led Zeppelin "Houses of the Holy"lp Led Zeppelin "s/t"lp Led Zeppelin "Presence"lp Rolling Stones "tattoo You" Rolling Stones "some girls"lp Rolling Stones "goats head soup"lp Rolling Stones "exile on mainstreet"CD Rolling Stones "beggars banquet" CD Rolling Stones "sticky fingers" CD Emerson,Lake, and Palmer "S/T"lp Emerson,Lake, and Palmer "Pictures at the exhibition"lp Emerson lake and palmer "works" vol.2 lp King Crimson "in the court of the crimson king"lp King Crimson "Larks tongue in aspic" AWESOME RECORD! King Crimson "Red" Queen #1 lp Queen "jazz" lp Queen "II"lp Queen "news of the world"lp Queen "a day at the races"lp Queen "a night at the opera" lp Queen "the game"lp Queen "Live Killers"lp Queen "get down" dbl lp (one is black and one is mint green wax) live* Freddie Mercury "Mr Bad Guy" picture disk ...solo stuff... Frank Zappa "Chunga's Revenge" Grateful Dead "terripan station"lp Grateful Dead "Europe 72"lp Grateful Dead "eyes in the dark"lp Steve Miller Band "fly like an eagle"lp Steve Miller Band "Book of Dreams" lp Pink Floyd "Wish you where here"lp Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon"lp Pink Floyd "Animals"lp Cream "the best of cream"lp Cream "Disraeli gears"lp The WHO "Who's Next" lp The WHO "hooligans" dbl lp The WHO "Live at Leeds"lp The WHO "By Numbers" lp The Doors "An American Prayer" jim morrison poetry w/doors music The Doors "s/t" (has "break on through")lp The Doors "waiting for the sun" 1st press of first LP (this is rare)

"TAPES" (I just decided to add a lot of extra tapes that ive come across..everything is original unless its a bootleg) A death in the family (demo) A.C. "40 more reason to hate us. earache Anarchus original demo Antisocial behavior Demo, Live at Concert Cafe and live with various acts..Misery, Code 13, banished, Hell on earth, legion of doom, EFIL etc. ELI'S RECORDINGS.. from 97 and 98 and Insight 99' recording with Mark from Remains of the day/EFIL on drums. Armagedon "silencio funebre" sin fronterias rec. Banished "Live demo" Banished "Live at Elis with code 13 ,antisocial behavior, Efil" 98 Bathtubshitter (first demo i beleive?) says promo only not for sale.. japan. Beastie Boys "the in sound.." Beastie Boys "Pauls Botique" Brujeria "Matando Gueroes" roadrunner Brutal Truth "Kill Trend Suicide" relapse Cannibal Corpse "Tomb of the Mutilated" metalblade Cannibal Corpse "Vile" metalblade CORRUPTED "live and complete versions of songs" 90 mins. (monkeybite) Corrupted "Nadie" dubbed copy Cramps "greatest Hits" Culture of Fear "flight of the doves" demo Cure, The "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss me" elektra Cure, The "boys dont cry" Dinosaur Jr. "where you been" sire The Dirts "imitation love box" 351 of 500...(good friends of mine and a rad band as well) Depeche Mode "Violater" sire DxIxE/Brown Bairon Q (demo) shit records 04 japan Dismember "massive killing capasity" nuclear blast Execradores "anti fascist action" demo recordings from 94/96 Sin Fronteras rec Evilution ""shrine of Desecration" demo Gauze @ Antiknock Shinjuku, Japan 12/21/97 great sound Gojira "Scenic Overwiew" demo Guns and Roses "appetite for destruction" geffen Hell on Earth/THC split "fuck the system legalize the weed" Hell on Earth "hell never lets go!" demo Hell on Earth "Live at concert cafe" off the board Hog Cryptas Rec demo Inflicted "live at concert cafe" 97 and Eli's 98 Iron Maiden "killers" Jesus Lizard "Show" giant Kiss "hotter than hell" Legion of doom "!st demo" Legion of doom "second tape release" recorded at Misery House in may Lemonheads "come on feel..." atlantic Lenegan, Mark "whiskey for the Holy Ghost" sub pop Larvae "listen" watch rec. Lo-Fi Neisans (original demo) japan Lou Reed and John Cale "songs from drella" songs about andy warhol Manowar "kings of metal" Metalfest 2000 boot.I did this with a hand held..Enslaved, Mortician, destruction. Ministry "the one with paslm 69 on it and NWO" sire Miseries of Human Existence Live at concert Cafe 97 Miseries of Human Existence Live at concert Cafe demo tape..diferent show Morbid Angel "gateways to annhilation" promo tape earache (review copy) Motley Crue " decade of decadence" Napalm Death "greed killing" earache Nikudorei-Toireno-Hanoko-sandand (demo)japan Nine Inch Nails "broken" Nirvana "Nevermind" geffen Nirvana "in utero" geffen Noothgrush "tape from gary with unreleased stuff as of spring 98) Nuclear Assualt "out of order" irs Nuerosis "pain of mind" A.T. Ol' Dirty Bastard "36 chambers..." elektra Pavement "crooked rain crooked rain" matador Phobia "return to desolation" relapse Prong "cleansing" Sebadoh "bakesale" sub pop Slayer "reign in blood" Slayer "seasons in the abyss" Slayer "devine intervention"tape&CD Slayer "hell awaits" CD Slayer "show no mercy" Sleestakes/Live bait (asinine solution side project) livew at Eli's Sleestakes "demo" Smashing Pumpkins "Lull" caroline Smashing Pumpkins" pisces iscariot" virgin Suffocation "Human Waste" relapse Siege "dropdead" relapse Terrible Headache (promo 97) 3 songs japan Tsuru "Will ther be dancing?" studio demo Tsuru "Live at concert cafe" off the board Tsuru "Live at Insight" tim recording Twenty Third Chapter "Live at Insight" tim recording Weezer "pinkerton" Weezer "blue album" Wu-Tang Clan "forever dbl tape" loud rec. V/A Cena Anarco punks vol. 1 lots of spanish bands "sin fronteras rec" V/A What Punks DO Best comp dead america, unholy grave, gasp etc. Zygote "89-91" lp dubbed I have plenty of tape traded dubbed stuff as well..just ask

Here are some of the CD's we've gotten since the list was last updated:

Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs 3cd set Iggy Pop - The Idiot Bright Eyes - There's No Beginning To the Story EP David Bowie - Low David Bowie - Heroes Andrew WK Phantom Planet - The Guest The Amps - Pacer Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair - Words of Wisdom and Hope Roxy Music - The Early Years The BrianJonesTownMassacre - BraveryRepetitionAndNoise The Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen Sugar - File Under Easy Listening The Stooges - Funhouse Yo La Tengo - Ride the Tiger Evan Dando - Live at the Brattle Theater Man Is The Bastard - Bastard Noise The Birthday Party - Hits SLowDive - Just for a day Husker Du - Zen Arcade The Hives - Veni Vidi Vicious Everything is Nice - The Matador Records 10th Anniversary sampler Lush - Gala Lush - Ciao! Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express Half-Japanese - Greatest Hits Yo La Tengo - I can hear the heart beating as one About a Boy - Soundtrack by Badly Drawn Boy Bauhaus - 1979-1983 Volume One Pulp - Different Class Love and Rockets - S/T Love and Rockets - Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven Pulp - His and Hers The Breeders - Pod

7" we got since last updated (from what I can tell, anyway)

Selby Tigers Melt Banana/The Locust split Song of Zarathrustra - A Poisonous Movement recorded 06/01 Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair - Near to You/Always in My Heart Neil Perry - KaosPilot LeShok - S&M

There may be more; I'm sure there are. But any time he lets it go that long without updating, we get hopelessly behind.



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