Ultimate Spanish

from: ppx

The whole San Antonio "music scene" is a different beast. You can't sign away your life because nobody signs anything, its just word of mouth under the table type shit. There are good people, friends who really have a passion for the music. Then there are assholes like Steve Cureton, little stuck in the middle of nowhere phonies, who wish they were BIGGER, and they think for some reason, working on dork shows around town is a sign their careeers are finally going somewhere. They resent people like Popeye-X, or the Duke, or Nancy Walmartinez Walmartinez Walmartinez, these are individuals who were actually "in it", in varying degrees. By that I mean they DID SOMETHING, and as a result "paticipated" in creating whatever it was they DID. These goat ticks and tcmn DJ's are very derogatory, I hear constantly about how I'm not "gigging". I don't know what that's supposed to mean, I've already done more gigs ON A STAGE than they ever will. I've MADE CD's, from scratch. I never did it to be part of a perceived scene, I only learned about the various clubs and radio stations after the fact. I've always been a "fuck you" person, i. e. if you don't like it, go fuck yourself, and I mean it, I don't need you, or anybody, or anything except to be true to my own vision, and acknowledge those who have actually CONTRIBUTED to what's going on.

I know many of the "big" people, and the ones that matter do so because of reasons that caused their bigness. They didn't try to bullshit their way to the "top" by lying and stealing and deceiving everyone, trying to trick us into respecting them with false impressions.

This is why people like the Duke or Nancy violently hate the guts of people who try to make some claim about something they don't actually have anything to do with, like Joe Horn controlling any and all musical perception, and Steve Cureton bending over backwards kissing his ass for years and years. It turns out they're both a couple of payola style CROOKS in San Antonio, i. e. Ultimate Spanish Syndrome.



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