Idjits with hatchets?????

from: Dreamer's Dictionary

According to the Dreamer's Dictionary, here's what it means when you dream about:

FIRECRACKERS: Whether you saw them, heard them or lighted them, firecrackers in your dream are a forecast of irritations and disappointments; however, the former will be petty and the latter minor.

BINOCULARS: If the binoculars were properly used in your dream, they are a fortunate omen; but if they were used for peeping or spying, you may soon have to defend your reputation, so avoid all actions which could be misinterpreted by your detractors.

HATE: To feel hatred in a dream suggests that you should be aware of misjudging someone; but to be hated is a contrary dream and predicts an improvement in your affairs through the influence of sincere friends.

HATCHET: You can expect a period of disturbing predicaments, domestic and/or business, if your dream involved using a hatchet to chop anything, unless it was used to split kindling wood, in which case it forecasts a reconciliation. To sharpen a hatchet signifies increased income.

COTTAGE: Comfort and serenity, as opposed to acclaim and luxury, are promised in a dream featuring a cottage or bunga- low, unless the structure was derelict or deserted, in which case it signals a significant time for sorting out your personal concerns.

MILK: Cow's milk featured in a dream predicts vigorous good health; goat's milk signifies business advancement; mother's milk is one of the luckiest of omens and augurs enduring happiness through intelligent application of ability and adjustment to the realities of life. Sour milk portends setbacks or difficulties created by your own foolish actions, and spilled milk indicates that your grasp is greater than your reach.

INTESTINES: To dream of your own intestines is a sign of physical strain; get more rest. If the dream involved severe pain, see your doctor as soon as possible. A dream of human intestines other than your own signifies a period of worry concerning a close friend or a relative. Animal intestines in a dream predict an impressive improvement in your lifestyle.

EYELIDS: Eyelids featured in a dream are thought to symbolize troubles, other than your own, which will soon be revealed to you. Give tangible assistance, if possible; otherwise, lend a sympathetic ear.

EARS: A dream of other people's ears indicates you will hear some startling news. If your ears ached or you had trouble with them in your dream, it is a warning to look out for an untrust- worthy person in your immediate circle. If the ears were very large, you will get help from an unexpected source; if they were very small, you will discover a false friend.

DROOL: To do or observe this infantile action in your dream predicts opportunities for extraordinary sensual pleasures. Try to remember that moderation in all things is the better part of valor!

CAKE: A fortunate dream signifying satisfaction in both social and business affairs. Very sweet cake indicates an inheritance and/or for those who are employed, a promotion. Thickly iced cake predicts happy times ahead. To eat cake in a dream is more fortunate than to bake or buy it, although anything to do with cakes is lucky.

RESTAURANT: This is a dream of contrast in meaning which relates to your personal circumstances. If the restaurant was, by your standards, very posh and/or ostentatious, it is a warning that temporary reverses or sudden extra demand on your resources will entail a need to economize; if the restaurant was of the type you would normally patronize, it signifies pleasant social activities connected with business; but if the restaurant was in the cheap, greasy-spoon category, you can expect an increase in your income soon.



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