Mrs W has been at the ACID again!!!!

from: Mr Walmartinezzzz

Holy shit, I came home from cleaning the pool at the trailer park all day, and what do I find....Mrs. W. has eaten a shitload of powerful acid, and she is re-organizing over a thousand books into alphabitized walmart bags out on the driveway. She kept screaming MORE FLOODLIGHTS!!! as the neighbors started to cower in fear at the spectical unfolding in stereo.

I thought about using the trank gun I got after working at the circus, or giving her a handful of reds I had been keeping for a special occassion, Like MOTORHEAD, but she started screaming about bats eating the books, and ran her trippin ass back inside, leaving me to finish sorting books,she was only in the B's. After piling them up and shutting the door before the stack fell down, I headed into the house, into the eye of the storm so to speak, only to be questioned like some nazi prisoner getting off the train at bukenwald, about bonuses, vacation days, gifts or no gifts for the ungrateful family members who don't even need the shit, when she finally gave out, and headed back to the nap and chat board, typing and posting so fast I had to change the batteries in the keyboard twice just to get through the session. I finally coaxed her off the net with an all night episode of port charles and the view. She did not buy it, she is currently shrieking about the damned bats again as she is submerged in the bathtub with all her clothes on, and those damned barbie shoes kicking at the showercurtain. I need some strong downers quickly........ Tunial, seconal, something.........

Sex and Death, rock and roll



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