Re: chong, bong, right or wrong?

from: Mr Walmartinezzzz

THis is just another example of the paradox of drug enforcement in the US. While shadowy government agencies conduct business to pipe dope back to a network of distributors all the way down to street level for a variety of drugs, the law, in all it's twisted uses, comes down on the user, the seller of equipment for drug usage, and the whole society for a product that is being provided for , and the availabilty of almost guaranteed by the very government and it's lawmaking apparatus that makes it illegal in the begining. A conspiracy of Orwellian perportions exist with drug importation, and enforcement of drug laws in this land.

I never forget a "Miami VIce" episode, yes.old corny show, but the writers of the show had a profound sense of things, when they did an episode about a certain supply line of coke, where as they hunted down the sourse, they came across a higher up member of a multi-national bank who explained how the availability and use of drugs was beyond national borders, it was a global conglomerate that produces billions of dollars in revenue to countries whose gross national product is drugs, not corn or wheat. They borrow money from banks, and pay back the loans with drug proceedes, not making brooms or tractors. Without the flow of drugs to the user, and the dollars the market provides back to the sources, the whole economy would suffer far reaching problems on a global scale if the nature of things changed.

The scheer volume and alure of this billion dollar business has corrupted and co-opeted large members of local, state, federal, and international law enforcement , as well as governments. The threat of drug enforcement erosions of civil liberties will continue until there are no more economic incentives to keep drugs illegal, and the illegal profits from drug sales dry up. A great source of information regarding the whole drug conspiracy exists on the web, I think it is www.narconews.com . Try it out for some enlightment.

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