Could this be a copy of the hitler plan?

from: Buster Cherry

Heres a couple of things ive been thinking about.

CREATE the stage for internal terrorism fear (Waco, Oklahoma City, Militia's, etc) and a domestic internal unpatriotic enemy image.

CREATE the stage of foreign terrorism for fear and enemy image "just like"Hitler did.

Seize the jewels of Civil Liberty our democracy was established to prevent "just like" ...Hitler did.

Seize the Afghan and Iraq oil (under almost exclusive control of Dick Cheney's paramilitary/CIA Halliburton Corp), soil and political control by war ..."just like" Hitler did in eastern Europe.

Seize the Afghan heroin and it's routes to Europe through northern Iraq; For NSA/CIA funding congress won't give them and agendas they don't want congress to know about (Hello 1960's NSA/CIA Laos / Cambodia / Vietnam heroin cartel).

Regurgitate the Ronnie Raygun tax-cut pyramid scheme for Big Business / Big Brother, knowing darn well brain-dead Amairkans are going to eat it up hook-line-and-sinker.

Gobble up the largest federal surplus in the last 70 years and stick it in THEIR pockets for the American / Amairkan people to pay for.

Follow Ronnie Raygun into the largest deficit spending in our country's history, which will go mostly into THEIR pockets.

Seize as much of the remaining free press as possible for their brainwashing machinery and censored media.

In a SORDID counterfeit of Patriotism; Sing all sorts of patriotic mumbo-jumbo and wave little cheap plastic flags made in China ($8 BILLION trade deficit in China's favor for nothing more than to circumvent American Labor) , then toss both the little flags and Labor into the gutter where those cute little flags still litter our countryside today.

Make their brain-dead followers feel oh-so-self-important in the amazing mumbo-jumbo.


Have we checked our prunes lately? Is our job and image and apathy and "security" more important than our country and what we will pass on to our kids and their kids?




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