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bush knew it, BUSH DID IT. with the help of his SOOPER SEKRIT 3L33T cabal of BLACK GOOP MONGERS - the moguls and magnates who rule over the OIL FIELDS and the POPPY FIELDS...churning out BLACK TARRY GOOP in the form of crude oil, and BLACK TARRY GOOP in the form of HEROIN - and goldangit, i suspect that some of these lovely people traffic in BOTH KINDS OF GOOP.

or rather: he had some hand somewhere in some deeply dark ARRANGEMENTS...with his pals in the bin Laden cells, with godonlyknows who else. shit...everyone KNOWS these al-qaeda guys were the HIGH-RANKING REPUBLICANS' associates, aka "ASSHOLE BUDDIES", less than a decade ago.

he made a deal, and some money or weapons or drugs or all of the above changed hands...and then, in return, he got to have his shit-ass illegitimate "presidency" buoyed into superstardom by "leading a stunned and grieving nation" during a circus of frenzy whipped up by an "ATTACK ON AMERICA" that contained JUST TOO MANY DAMN LITTLE INCONSISTENCIES to hold up under close scrutiny. Which is why shrub and ashcroft and co. hired HENRY FUCKING KISSINGER to "investigate" the piles of accumulated loose ends connecting SHRUBCO. to BLACK FUCKING TUESDAY...that way, close scrutiny won't happen anytime soon. (to begin with: how fast, how fucking IMMEDIATELY all the CNN news fodder blipped into existence - the "ATTACK ON AMERICA" CNN compu-graphics, the side reports on afghanistan, bin laden, et. al) - when it should have taken an hour or three to research, put together and polish up.

i notice things like this.

here's some more things i noticed...

the plane that was supposed to hit the white house goes down in a field - after a display of good ol' "normal-joe-magnificently-performing-while-under-stress" anti-terrorist "let's roll" heroics that were just TOO FUCKING CORNY to have actually happened, which were OBVIOUSLY scripted - written out in advance with the goal of warming the cockles of the collective duh-brained, READER'S DIGEST INSPIRED, TV-addled, "proudly-clean-and-sober-except-for-that-occasional-dinner-party-drinkie-poo" gushy, mushy, soft AMERICAN HEART enough to make it swell up with a gust of patriotic fervor the likes of which have not been seen in any extant generation at present time.

the intended target of that plane, the house that shrub and his brood took by coup, was also curiously absented by shrub, coincidentally enough, with no one knowing where exactly the FUCK he WAS immediately prior to that famous ridiculous photo-op involving a valiant attempt to read a first-grade textbook. you know...kinda like the entire year of 1974. he just takes off and AWOLs himself to godknowswhere whenever the SHIT hits the fan.

there are other discrepancies: cellphone calls are virtually impossible to make from big jet planes...jet craft are apparently operated by remote computers that no terrorists could sabotage without some serious cooperation from high levels...i could go on and on, and have been doing so for the past two years.

but what really CLINCHED it for me was the speech on nine eleven...the FIRST speech shrub gave to express his profound sorrow and shock and YADDA FUCKING YADDA BLAHBIDDY BLAH saddened by the deaths of BLAH BLAH america is strong BLAH BLAH RESOLVE RESOLVE RESOLVE GOOD VERSUS EVIL YADDA FUCKING BLAH.

i saw it on a tv screen as i was purchasing a cup of espresso - the only way i'd've had a tv screen anywhere near me since i DON'T watch TV at home - and i heard his voice. saw his face. and oh boy, that was not a man who was displaying any a) surprise, b) shock, c) grief or d) upsetness of ANY KIND AT ALL. he was sounding exactly like a nine year old who's just found out he made the freshman football team at his new high school. "oh boyohboyohboy we gonna kick some ASS now, yup, america's gonna be RAGING at an ISLAMIC NATION NEAR YOU! and i get to be COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!! yes!"

it's called "boundless fucking enthusiasm" and it's kind of hard to hide it when you're feeling so damn much of it. one would think that MAYBE he MIGHT have tried a LITTLE HARDER to hide it. considering the fucking situation and all.


al-QAEDA? ha ha ha. al-QAEDA is a fucking chimera. It's a scapegoat. it most certainly EXISTS, but it's most likely nothing at ALL like what you read about in the papers. it's most likely a scattered handful of mercenaries who sell death to the highest bidder. and my money says they're about as islamic as i am christian.

shrub did it, and EVEN if he DIDN't, he sure the FUCK is getting enough FRINGE BENEFITS out of it.

if this were an even halfway sane nation he'd already be on trial just because there's been such an obvious display of reasonable MOTIVE to have had a hand in the operation. and since he and his CIA dad had all the connections with terrorists and tinpot dictatorships, he most certainly had the MEANS. at any murder trial the prosecutor attempts to show that the accused had the MOTIVE to commit the murder along with the MEANS to have committed it where and when it was committed.

if shrub were subject to following the same fucking laws as the rest of us, he'd have been grilled in endlessly unfurling HEARINGS every day for at least a year or three. like all his pals in the iran-contra fiasco were. like tricky dick nixon was. i'd say this surpasses all of that crap. the atrocity points he's earned himself will make him the most vilified american in history, should his accomplicehood ever finally be proven.

but noooooo. one cannot even CONSIDER such a notion because...he's our president! even if he didn't get elected! even if he is a few toots shy of a full gram, so to speak. no one but the "conspiracy kooks" (whom it's tacitly assumed no one will take seriously anyway) DARES to suggest this overly plausible possibility - scratch, PROBABILITY.

this is partly because no one WANTS to believe that a man could steal the office of president of the UNITED FUCKING STATES and THEN arrange for some intifada assholes to introduce mister airplane to mister dual-skyscraper. and then do an encore, after a thousand camera lenses were pointed at said hapless towers. and a second encore at the pentagon, just to make it damn certain that a WAR would get started. and it's partly because whenever anyone mentions it, if they had a media job, they quickly find themselves unemployed.

nevertheless, i submit that someday the truth will come out and it will be discovered that george w. bush essentially looked the other way whilst some associates executed hundreds of innocent american people (and a few at the pentagon who probably weren't really "innocent", but that's neither here nor there) and that he did this to further his career in politics, make his tarry goopmonger buddies happy by finding an excuse to get the police state ratcheted up and get the foreign wars a-hustlin'.

and who knows, maybe he was cracked enough to have been seriously attempting to usher in the much-vaunted APOCATACLYPSMIC MILLENNIUM. he may have figured "gee, if i could be that antichrist guy on purpose, maybe that will bring on that LAST JUDGMENT, the BIBLE SAYS SO after all, says so RIGHT THERE in that "REVOLUTIANS" section!"

all his christer pals have been waiting for like EVER for this. he can now proudly say it will happen, uh...REAL SOON NOW.

yeah, it's PARANOID of me to think this, isn't it? SCREW YOU if you think my paranoia is not the most SENSIBLE way to respond to this COMPLETELY INSANE SNATCH AND GRABBING of the american government by a small blueblood club of people who are so fucking BEYOND RICH AND POWERFUL that the only thing that gets them hard any more is an extended real-life war game using real people and countries instead of little pewter pieces or ramboesque first-person-shooter computer game avatars. because that's exactly what is happening, with the gameboard being PLANET EARTH instead of a sissy little checkerboard grid like all those "liberal pansies" use to play "chess" with. indeed, the subtleties of games like chess or go are a bit beyond shrub's all-or-nothing, with-us-or-against-us "mind" (i use this term very loosely here.)


well, that DOES NOT MEAN IT CANNOT BE TRUE, now, does it?

this whole shebang has been cooking since around 1994 when PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY (PNAC) was founded. (http://www.pnac.info/ for a crash course in the think tank that thinks BIG.)

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which IS a FRENCH name, oui! the nerve of that TRAITORESS to complain about the fact that her vote doesn't count in a nation that parrots "freedom" this and "democracy" that so much that the words have no fucking meaning anymore. if indeed they EVER DID to begin with.



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