Not Responsible For Injuries Received While Laughing

from: legal genius dialup04199.intersatx.net 03-05-17-09:40

I am Steve Cureton's lawyer, even though Bob Cox is paying the tab. Steve has assured me that this Popeye-X is out to ruin his life by spreading vicious lies about Steve Cureton being a liar and a thief. Its perfectly alright to BE a liar and a thief, as long as NO ONE FINDS OUT. But as soon as one of your fellow thieves starts to brag about it, such as this very same Bob Cox, then it becomes an injustice to TELL anyone about it. Its ok to DO IT, but its not ok to TALK ABOUT DOING IT. Especially when the same person DOING IT, and BRAGGING ABOUT IT, is the person paying the money to put a stop to Popeye-X TALKING ABOUT IT.

Fortunately, when that part of the case is lost due to Cureton, Cox, and Taylor winding up in prison for bank fraud, all is not lost! This other obvious "life ruiner", Ms. NeverForget, will be unable to PROVE exactly who it was she was laughing at when she busted her ass from laughing so much. There's NO WAY she can sue the brilliant legal team Steve Cureton has assembled.

So you see, once again justice has been served, and all of TCMN can plainly see, Mr. Steve Cureton is actually a pleasant fellow who has been wrongly maligned by bad people who need to get a life. He's not really a chickenshit lying pile of shit THIEF. No, not at all... Popeye-X has to PROVE it in a court of law! Just because random strangers passing by happen to agree with him 100% means nothing.

Bob Cox has enough money to maintain Steve Cureton's reputation AND clear Mike Taylor of any suspicion, because you see... he really LIKES the music these ultra talented soundmen extraordinaire are producing. (Well, Cureton is not allowed to mix, but he's INVOLVED.) Bob Cox is really, really into the San Antonio Blues Society and Third Coast Music Network. Of course he'd pay big lawyer bucks to keep Cureton's name clean, no problem. Cureton deserves it... he's really extraordinaire!

CHEERS and drunken lying queers!



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