you are fucked now.....I Didn't Run You Off, THE TRUTH Ran You Off

goat tick remover 03-05-19-01:39

Making fools of Internet Idiots is my job, son, I been doin' it for years and years. I'm almost the best at this shit. Some might tell you that I AM the best, but actually I'm only almost the best. But I am more than capable of squeezing endless drops of proof out of you... proof that you are a goddamned fool, who cannot shut up, who can't admit he's wrong, who is incapable of apologizing for being totally full of shit, etc.

But this time, YOU PROVED IT YOURSELF, without me doing a fucking thing. The way you run away chickenshit is hilarious to me. You finally made me laugh. I"m finally getting my money's worth from a goat tick. He's FINALLY making me laugh! I'm dying laughing at what a fucking CHICKENSHIT he is!!!!!!

The TRUTH ran you off, and you're still hiding in the bushes, muttering the so-called "come backs" of a mentally flummoxed lump of A-1 Chicken SHIT.

Fuck you, webgoat.

Its that fucking simple. You can't even top that because I said it first, so "fuck you" again, punk motherfucker.

"Did Bob get his nose fixed yet?" - a former girlfriend of Bob's asked Popeye-X Same thing for Cureton's "legal" delusions. Where's the fucking lawsuit we been hearing about? He's got big bucks behind him, (Bob Cox) what's the problem? There, I just typed "Bob Cox, Mike Taylor, and Steve Cureton" AGAIN. Its on ANOTHER webpage. Some post to some dumb shit named webgoat, a friend of Jim "Red" Corbett, also a dumb shit. Popeye-X is ranting on and on again, he's not worth even reading! Unless of course you're a fucking liar, or a thief, or maybe you're heavily into poison. Are you kinda nervous about certain information being available on the Internet by searching your name? Then maybe you might be reading this..

But perhaps you are a CHICKENSHIT, and the TRUTH scares you away? Good. Ignore it, but don't forget to tell everybody how irrelevant Popeye-X is, ok?

By the way, thank you, webgoat. and I mean that sincerely. Thanks to you asking me about Steve Cureton, it turned out I wrote one of my best pages ever, "Steve Cureton Is Not Even A Human Being". It was so good, I copied it to a permanent spot in my people section, so it has a cool URL instead of a message number. I sent the URL to Cureton himself. From what I hear, he shit his pants and is claiming he's going to sue me. But he won't do it. He can't. Not in a 1,000,000 years...

Why is that?

thanks to webgoat, steve cureton's fame as a chickenshit has expanded signifigantly The TRUTH will drive him away, like it did you. He's like you, webgoat... a CHICKENSHIT. If he did try legal recourse, he'd be cutting his own throat, along with those other two throats who are backing him, therefore, it will NEVER happen. But that logic is not why he won't do it. That takes too much brains. He has another, bigger, more compelling reason he won't do a goddamn thing... he's a CHICKENSHIT. <--- get that thru your fucking head.

Popeye-X didn't do anything to anybody... the TRUTH is the big problem. Not my problem, YOUR problem. And that's why you don't post, you are simply too chickenshit. 

It really doesn't matter... because you really don't matter...

Nonetheless, you came in real handy. I made good use of your curiousity as a pretext to write the best Cureton page I've written yet, I guess you could say you'll always have my thanks,  Mr. Webgoat, along with NeverForget. She's the complete stranger who came out of nowhere and agreed with me 100%, including my demonic rage descriptions. The reason I say my gratitude is eternal is because that's how long "Steve Cureton Is Not Even A Human Being" is going to be online... FOREVER



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