The Church Of Machines Has Finally Connected ALL The Dots

Pastor Cheeto Chewbone
03-05-25 00:49

Thanks to the proximity of Radio Shack, we got one to the left, and we got one to the right, Pastor Cheeto Chewbone has connected the cerebral parsley and ignited a dazzling rudabeganing of resonant data looping.... Reaktor has a USB umbilical cord running out of its belly button, going straight up the backdoor plughole of an Akai Z4 rackmount sampler, both ends have 512 MB RAM on each end, I can see the hard drive in the sampler as a folder full of samples on the screen of the Audio Bitch Chopping Block Apartments... that's where Reaktor shares a huge 2 story loft with Sound Forge and the WamiRack... now I'm thinking 'bout that SMPTE stripe floating around in the PARIS national forest.. Can I really grab it, patch it, and force the ol' 486 MIDI rig to lock down some DECENT pulsation I can feed this Akai? Is this the missing link that my drumset has beeen looking for all its life? I really don't have time to dick with this at all... that's why I may go ahead and snag a new Smart FSK box anyway, everybody uses Simply Smpte now, but I remember the days when I was the only minister of infomania who ever even thought of applying a second sync stripe on the side... a little FSK custom application... like parallel overdubbed tracks, but these ain't music, they're sync stripes, seperate channels of MTC (midi time code), one is Plan A, the other is Plan B kinda gliding by and bouncing off into the bushes, like when two stray dogs are so raw dogged about ravaging a particularly rank dumpster, they don't even notice each other until they bang heads over a Wendy burger bun that has reduced to pungent swamp muck in Popeye-X's month 4, week 3, trash bag 14....

I love it when all the garbage comes together and you can look down into the seething maggots ane recognize that cottage cheese green jello takeout salad box Veronica brought home from Luby's 3 weeks ago...

"hey, lil' maggot... don't I know you?"

"you ought to... you raised my grandparents up from when they was tiny lil' trailer gnats, bobbing around your nose all day and  night until Nancy Walmartinez finally got off her ass and bitched you out about bug bombs."

"oh yeah?"

And that's when I stomp the living guts out of that muck fluid gomping larvae wallbanger.

"tell the Coxsuckers they're next on my list"



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