Prescott Bush

from: By Denis Mueller

Prescott Bush By Denis Mueller

Ten months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States was preparing for its first strike against Nazi forces in North Africa while a young George Bush, who had defied his father Prescott, joined the navy and was training to be a pilot. The Union Banking Corporation was being raided by the federal government for trading with the enemy. The firm was handling the banking operations of the Nazis in New York and the director of these operations was Prescott Bush.

How important was the Union Banking Corporation? It provided funds and credit to Fritz Thyssen, one of Hitler's earliest supporters, whose company produced: 50% of Nazi pig iron, 41% of Germany's plate, 45% of Nazi pipes and tubes and 35% of Nazi Germany's explosives. So, as you can see, they played a huge role in developing the German war machine and Prescott Bush was right there with them.

W.A. Harriman & Company had merged with the British investment house Brown Brothers, who were sympathetic to the Nazis, and formed the Union Banking Corporation, of which Prescott Bush was the director. Among their activities were loans paid to the Germans which were then funneled into the activities of Nazi storm troopers. These criminals were at the time killing Jews, socialists, liberals and anyone else who got in their way. The operation which provided funds, run by German industrialist Friedrich Flick, was under the supervision of Prescott Bush.

It gets worse! Once in power, the Nazis set out to build the German war machine and Union Banking was right there with them again. Herbert Walker, yes, another member of the Bush family, arranged for the credits that allowed Harriman to take control of the Hamburg-Amerika line. This was of particular significance in 1930-1932 when the German government tried to defend its national freedom by ordering the Nazi armies dis- banded. The United States embassy reported at the time that the Hamburg-Amerika Line was distributing propaganda attacks against the German government. They also help distribute the guns for Remington arms who supplied these terrorists.

Throughout the 1930s the firm worked hand-in-hand with the Nazis. When the war broke out in Europe, they continued doing business with the German government and, when the United States joined the fight against the Nazis, the firm continued its trade with the enemy. The Roosevelt administration could have arrested the heads of business but the administration viewed that their trial and imprisonment would cause problems for the American war effort. But recent disclosures illustrate that they should have been tried as war criminals.

What has come to surface, due to the disclosures of a Dutch Intelligence agent, are documents that reveal how Prescott Bush and the UBC profited from the Holocaust. This is a startling development but the failure of the press to report this throughout the years is disgusting. During the many decades of public life, the mainstream press has chosen to ignore these facts. It prefers to print stories about JFK's affairs and things like that. The reasons they refuse to publish anything like this should be self-evident. The truth is an example of corporate duplicity and how the press works for corporations. The news services of the United States are not capable of reporting the truth. It has come to that.

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