If his face seems hideous,
wait until you experience his lies

check out the dressing

If his face seems hideous, wait until you experience his lies. They make him seem downright pretty.

"Aw, how can popeye-x say such horribly unfair, slanderous things? Stevie is a sweetie guy, and everybody knows it."

What everybody really needs to know is behind that smiling face beats the heart of a devil. You should have heard this guy saying "I love you, man.", repeating it, like he just loves me so much, he can't stop saying it, that's how much he means it and feels it. He thought because I had calmed down from screaming maniac to pleasant conversationalist, I was ripe for little assuagement, he was attempting to massage my love muscle. I tried as hard as I could to let it pass. Oh, Stevie loves his lies so much, he thought he'd take the high road and just tell me over and over how much he loved me.

Finally, I couldn't resist. I just had to say, "No you don't. You only love yourself." Huh? "What do you want me to do, act like I believe you, so you'll feel better?"

And from these simple statements, spoken calmly, without any malice, the Son Of Satan exploded on my ass. It was remarkable to witness the rapid transformation from "I love you, man" to "maybe I ought to send a couple of people over there to talk to you about this".

That's right, Steve Cureton threatened me, simply because I didn't believe him and I refuse to shut up about it. I didn't even bother telling the cops about the threat, because I'm not afraid in the least. I'll take care of him, them, and anyone else out there who's got any bright ideas. If you're that stupid, then bring it on, and be ready for a surprise, or two, or three...

(that goes for you, too, webstalker, I believe it was Corbett who said he was looking forward to talking to me about this, "face to face"... you fools have no idea who you're dealing with)

I told him, "Great! Send them right over. I love chatting about this subject every chance I get."

To me, its a joke. I got your face to face hangin', boy, before its over, you'll be lucky to even have a face, much less be able to save it, look at Cureton now. What is he doing? Whining about mounting a massive lawsuit with "big bucks" behind it.

Taylor actually said that, in confidence, to someone I've never even met, but that guy told someone else, and I found out IMMEDIATELY, the next day. How? Let's just say I have a snitch on the inside, and I always have. Its the same snitch who tipped me off about Taylor from the beginning. Not everyone is like Cureton. There are actually friends of mine who WARN me, instead of jumping on the bandwagon of thievery. That's right, boys, I've got an inside witness, and he doesn't mind the repercussions of telling the truth to the cops any more than I do.

I better shut up, I'm telling too much for right now. Suffice to say, Steve Cureton is the kind of guy who could walk 100 miles over a varied terrain, taking the back roads thru the woods, and he'd still wind up walking down the main street and step DIRECTLY in the huge pile of shit waiting in the middle of the road. I know because I saw him step in it, walk past it, then double back to make sure he stepped in it again. That boy was BORN to step in shit, and don't think I'm not glad about it. I probably sound pretty rough on him sometimes, but the truth is, we need guys like Cureton to step in the shit, he is essential to the more important task of nailing the ones who left the shit in the road to be stepped in. The bottom of Cureton's shoe is the doorway to their downfall. That's why you will NEVER see any lawsuit of any kind, just a bunch of cops doing their job.



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