Can You Picture Yourself
Doing This?

from: wondering if you can take the truth
dialup04225.intersatx.net 03-06-20 : 09:46

Ok, you're up to your neck in a bank fraud ripoff scheme, and your job... help hide the theft as much as you can, and in return, you'll get a lot of free studio time! You get to do what you want!

The fact that its HURTING a friend of yours doesn't matter... if the theft is hidden, the friend won't know!

So as part of the sceme to set up a decoy to fool the world, and the cops, you partcipate in a big public spectacle, the whole ceremony is to honor yourself and your wonderful accomplishments... all you have to do is play the part! Of course, you invite your mother and completely bullshit her into thinking her child is finally making good... and the whole time you know damn well you're a fucking thief and it would break your mother's heart, everything you're doing is contrary to everything she ever taught you... but that's ok... SHE DOESN'T KNOW!

Ah, the sweet smell of success. She even makes a hefty donation to help pay for the crepe paper and fancy pants catering.... but the CD doesn't arrive... and you aren't on it anyway.... and all the musicians walk out... furious they got BURNED... but the gala goes on anyway... and you're all sitting there in your tuxedos and fancy dresses and the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife...

You get up to the mic to make a long winded rambling speech, to kind of glaze over the travesty, you see Bob Cox sitting in a prominent position and you begin to blabber the allocades, the thank you's, the "it wouldn't have been possible without the help of"...

And the son of a bitch you're THANKING is a motherfucking THIEF! And you're thanking him for stealing from your friend and giving the money to you so you can go thru the motions of a bunch of decoy extravaganza...

And you're mother is losing about 10 times more than you're making off the whole she-bang... and you go home feeling so successful in the music world...

No one but you and your partners know that its all an act, designed to fool anyone who wasn't there, but only heard about it... from you.... and you have meticulously prepared decoy paperwork to show how much you earned, and that way you feel very safe about the paranoia factor...

Enter Popeye-X. Guess what? You aren't in the clear... YOU;RE FUCKED!!!! Bob Cox has said from the beginning you CAN'T GET CAUGHT... there's no way! Oh, really?

Did you know... Popeye-X knows all about it? He's the one who got ripped off, he's like a "witness". He's going to accuse you of stealing. What are you going to do? You look to Bob Cox to supply all the necessary lies, and you have your script all prepared. What Popeye-X says doesn't matter, he doesn't count at all, in fact, you go ahead and TELL HIM he was right about what a fake piece of shit Taylor is... you're kind of miffed he won't let you mix even one song... you spill your guts to the very guy who's going to get you busted when he DETAILS the whole scam to law enforcement. But you have nothing to worry about...

Did you ever once stop to ponder... WHY is Bob Cox doing this shit? Do you really think he likes your talent that much? Kinda strange the extent he goes to just to rip off someone's bank account, eh?

Popeye-X can tell you why. Its REVENGE. Gee whiz, it turns out a guy who was fucking Bob Cox's ex wife turned up DEAD, he died so quick, he didn't even have time to fall down, they found him standing at the bathroom sink, slumped agaist the door... Where? Oh, in Mike Talyor's bathroom. That's how Taylor got the place, the previous tenant DIED. He had an unused syringe of heroin sitting on the counter. The coroner said it was a blood clot. The last time he was seen alive was with Bob Cox's ex-wife.

It turns out Bob Cox is a fucking MURDERER, in my opinion, and he's doing this ripoff shit simply because I knew the dead guy, like that has something to do with anything.

Cox thinks he got away with murder, so far he has, now he's trying to get away with stealing right out of the bank using his computer. Its all gone to his head... he thinks he's too smart for the law... but he is WRONG. Dead wrong. So is Steve Cureton. And Mike Taylor is the epitome of manipulated moron as stooge... if you don't believe me, just watch what happens next.

"Do you think Popeye-X will mention it to the police?" "Do you think there's any chance they might look into it?" They're gonna take you idiots apart like broken alarm clocks and toss your nuts in a jar.

Cureton, you  haven't got a snowball's chance in HELL of escaping from this giant ball of shit... THAT'S the big success your mom is paying to help celebrate, you fraudulent pile of chickenshit, the same goes for you Taylor...  and Mr.Cox? You think its all just a big joke? The punchline of this story is a dead body and you know it... Your time is coming sooner than you could ever imagine.



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