tapebox art from church of machines studio

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what you see here is an assortment of tapeboxes from my recording studio down thru the years. some of them were extremely focused and labored over productions with many hours put into recording and mixing. others were the results of quickly getting something on tape before moving on, and still others were the products of insane experimentation, done at blinding speed just to see what would happen. that's how i learned about a lot of things i never heard of before, and that's why these images are so abstract, i was just mindlessly making artwork for fun while listening for hours, days, even years. certain tapeboxes have more than one image, the front, the rear, and the tape itself, so i'll be making separate webpages for the more interesting ones, some will include links to other relevant pages and also mp3's of the actual music.

all images are 100% kurt otto 2014