Yeah, You've Always Known You Were...


What You Failed To Grasp Is How Easily You Can Apply Basic Laws Of Ergonomics, And REALLY FOLLOW THRU, Accelerating The Rate And Depth Of Whatever Loss May Be Inevitable.

Meanwhile, You're Covertly Working Against The Forgone Conclusion, And Your Own Mind Is Whipped Along In The Resulting Hub-Bub, Making Your Assesment Of The Current Situation Blurry And Biased At Best, Therefore.....,

Do Exactly What I Say, Or

I Haven't Got A Second To Waste On Phoney, Penny-Ante, So-Called Ego-Trips, Too Small Time, Too Petty, Too Magnanimously Trite. WRONG, But More Importantly,......Pointless.

I Must Make A Note Of That, And Move On.....Immediately.

But, First, Let Me Cast A Little Light On This Mental Black Hole, It Is My Regretable Fortune To Inform You That I Never Saw Any Stories In The Media That Gave Me Information To The Effect That Your Persona Has Penetrated Any Depth Resembling General Public Consensus, Much Less Probed The Depth Of My Own Confusion Concerning This Fact:


So, Give Me A Break From That Worn Out Big Shot Syndrome, You Don't Impress Me, But I Love What You Do, Dig? I Think You're OK, But I'm Not Into You As Much As You Seem To Be. Try To Understand, I Have My OWN EXISTENCE To Manage.

I'm Loving What You DO, IN SPITE Of Who You Are, NOT BECAUSE Of Who You Are. So, Don't Think You Have To Shove It Down My Throat For Me To Get A Taste, Not Hardly, Since I Smelled You Comin' A Mile Away. By The Time You Got In Range, I'd Already Clocked Your Whole Concept, Typed Out The Obvious Corrections, And Mailed Copies To Your Wife, Your Manager, Your Girlfriend, And The FBI ...Not Necessarily In That Order.

kurt otto 2012

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written by gerald smith
sent to popeye-x 980217

subject: "born to lose" post
I wrote this one drugged up sunrise.
Post it if you want, or not, I don't give fuck.
Designed to Fail
One night I had a terrible dream, everything was wrong. I hated what I saw in the mirror and not just in a superficial sense. A loser, someone destined to be as my ancestors were, trying for things that would always be, out of reach. I would spend my time wondering what the purpose of my existence was, only to again, realize there was none. There were many times when something could have worked out for me, but it never did. Eventually I didn't want to hope for anything, because I knew I would be disappointed tomorrow.
Then, I woke up........., but unfortunately, it was the most realistic dream I have ever had.