C.S.A. ::: What if the South won the Civil War?

this movie is amazing. the first time i saw it, i had to watch it again, then i watched it again! it has so many twisted details in it, especially as it approaches the present day. instead of america being based on freedom, in this movie its based on slavery. its amazing how powerful that premise can be, and how far it can go into the deeply ridiculous, until it becomes patenty clear how truly evil it is.

after the civil war, abraham lincoln becomes a fugitive war criminal. he attempts to escape to canada thru the abolishionist underground railroad, wearing blackface, like al jolson. when he gets caught, they say "dishonest abe is dressed to look like a darky!" asking him in total disgust, "what kind of a white man are you?"

and that's just the start, it just gets worse and worse. its the most fucked up movie i've seen in years. first it offended me, repeatedly. then it made me laugh my balls off for hours and hours. when it was all over, i realized it really opened my mind, and my mind was already open, very open, so it just took me farther into what i already understood.

the kennedy - nixon tv debate part is mindblowing. in the movie, they make kennedy be the republican, like lincoln, other than that, kennedy's speech is exactly as it was in 1960. kennedy is the "bad guy" for advocating freedom over slavery so when he gets assasinated for it later on in 1963, they act like it was justified, and point out it was probably his own fault, for being so un-american as to be pro-freedom.

the movie ends with a propaganda style description of america's wonderful "tropical empire" of puppet regimes in central and south america, who have "plantation economies" modeled after the great superpower: the good ol' C.S.A.

the funny parts are all allegorical, i.e. fiction based on reality. some parts of this movie aren't funny at all. but every time that happens, it turns out to be non-fiction, based on something that really happened. the blend between the true and the false is remarkable in this movie. i've never seen anything else quite like it.

i highly recommend it, and that's coming from a person who generally hates most movies, but i damn sure loved this one!