autobiographical mp3  by
claude "butch" morgan

Get it if you can stomach listening to a lying Christian shithead
acting very coy and cute, singing an old song he wrote,
before he started passing himself off as a minister for Jesus,
that was back when he was funny, he ain't funny anymore...

but God is my witness, he's still a LIAR, a big one...
don't think for one minute he wouldn't use Jesus in a lie,
I've seen him do it, thinking he wouldn't get caught,
and it came right back and bit him on the ass bigtime

real quick he embellished it with some more lying to
supposedly cover his ass, but gosh darn it if that didn't
flop on its face, too, at that point I came out with my
The Truth About Claude "Butch" Morgan webpage.
(be sure and look at it, its a classic!!!)

The cover up lie he tried to fly was that his band of ass kissers,
The HIX, would very soon be releasing a hot, long awaited CD
but all he could come up with is another stall for time "pre-release"
CD, basically the cheapest possible demo quickie of him
stroking an acoustic guitar and singing by himself...
the CD is called "OPEN SOON", to increase anticipation I guess,
and the FIRST SONG on it was his old "no longer funny" song:

I'm A Liar

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