Every other company has had to adjust their perspective as the FTW "method" SUCCEEDS, right before their eyes. They swore it couldn't be done, because they thought it shouldn't be done. Now, FTW has done it, and will continue to thrive doing it. In the meantime, one by one, all the others who disagree will gradually loosen up in concept, modulated by the grim fact that FTWnism works. Most will acknlowlege the truth openly, a few will deny it forever, but ALL will "jump on the bandwagon" by trying to incorporate their own misguided version of the FTW method into their method. Of course, every one of these half-baked attempts will breathe life into their attempts, because even a deformed fraction of FTWnism can't help but boost up something that's totally lifeless and mannequin stiff.

People will marvel at how "crossover" FTW is, when actually, FTW started out crossed over, its the audience that is actually crossing over. The inevitability of FAILURE DUE TO TERMINAL BOREDOM, caused by the TOTAL INABILITY OF THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY TO ENTERTAIN, has been a design constant since FTW inception. FTW can't fail simply because the competition is SO UNBELIEVABLY BORING!

The worst of FTW is more fun than the best of the other companies. FTW "throwaways" enjoy a longer shelf life than any recent so-called HITS, and the "artistic integrity" doesn't evaporate overnite, just because some other company has a temporary influence on the industry at large. Anything new will only reinforce FTW success, because whenever a new innovation pushes a company to the forefront, look at FTW, and you will see what the present time "new" will be like, 5 years from now. To see the future of FTW in action, go back in time 20 years, gather up every operational theory and every "naive dream" in vogue at that moment, then, fast forward past now, and change every label of IMPRACTICAL FANTASY to COMMONPLACE REALITY. This applies to all areas of entertainment method, from art, to science, to business, to politics, all the way down to the world of newborn babies. Yes, even tiny babies find FTW immensely more enthralling than anything on TV. Put on Barney, they love it, but its all PRESET ENTERTAINMENT. It doesn't really entertain, the kids use it to entertain themselves, which is A LOT OF FUN ANYWAY, so don't give Barney too much credit. But, put up some FTW audio/video in front of them, they reel from side to side, pointing, laughing, and kicking, and they don't even know what it means! 9 year olds like it. 14 year olds like it. 17 to 35 year olds like it. The older crowd can't stand the "sound", but they still shell out the bucks, cuz, if their kid is gonna listen to trash, it might as well be QUALITY trash.

The message of FTW is universal,

The method of FTW is merely the application of wildlife preservation, but its the wildlife of MENTALITY, and that is the true arena where entertainment takes place. Its all over the map, and beyond. Its the sum and difference of the individual minds, cross-modulated against the collective mind "presets", all set in motion by carefully measured "maelstorms" of sight, sound, and words. FTW relies on the tenet that the inner world of the mind is at least as real and influental as ANY external event or environment.

This concept is not new, what is new is that FTW is a company who knows the concept, AND really believes it, AND ACTS ACCORDINGLY.

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