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From: kurt otto 05-10-15 23:26:12
the blast's career was stopped dead in its "tracks" by claude morgan being a LIAR, the financial backer pulled out when claude fell thru the ceiling at emerald studios. he was climbing around in the ceiling trying to break into adjacent offices. he fell on his ass and when asked about it, he just lied. it was really embarrassing but not owning up to it was devastating to the album, and therefore the band. did claude morgan care? yes, he cared so much he has never admitted it to this day, but he gave all his guilt to JEEEEEESUS-uh. see those tapes, they cost $120 apiece BLANK. they ain't blank. they have $1000's worth of recording time and musician WORK put into them. claude morgan walked away from all of it, fucked the WHOLE BAND out of our investment of YEARS, all because he's a piece of shit CHRISTIAN liar/thief and a SELFISH SON OF A BITCH extraordinaire.

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by Kurt Otto

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Claude "Butch" Morgan Has Become

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