Trevor and Robar

Butch MorganH!X
Gig At
Piggly Wiggly
16 Art Space

2301 S. Presa SATX 78240 26 Mar 2004

from a shirt by my friend, Robert Tatum Fun gig, haven't played with the HIX in a year, used the QS8.2 live for the first time, the weighted wooden key hammer action simulates a grand piano enough to make the practical logistics of playing as much like a drumset as it does an organ, if not more. The role of New Orleans boogie woogie octave piano bass and high plinky plinky saloon piano in rock and roll is very hi-hat and hand drum in execution, its fun to play a solo without ever playing any real melody, just finger bongos on the top two octaves of the 88 piano. Its also fun to wait for a hole in the vocals and just roll your hand down the keys like you're opening a doorknob pretty fast, it makes your hand play a descending quintuplet curlie-Q that sounds like a classic cheesedick piano cliche. The wood gets the right kind of rolling motion under your right hand, it sounds like an Eddy Arnold record. Two live keyboardists is the shit, especially if the other guy is RB Blackstone its like Pink Floyd sittin' in with Buck Owens and the  Buckaroos.

photo by tim lapping
I'm not doing this for ME... its for my new synthesizer
ever seen a silver piece of dinosaur shit?
The Infamous Doug Manion, hey, I guess he just likes music, or he's crazy, or all three
Doug Manion had as much FUN as anybody, if not MORE...

keyboard stand artwork by Kevin Stephens

music by popeye-x