the hungry coyote explains herself

Re: Religion?
I'm going to explain my beliefs here.

I am:

1. A theist-polytheistic to be exact, personally. As well as a auto-theist, which is worship of myself.

2. But I hold weak agnosticism (Or 'negative' or 'soft) in high regard. That is there is no knowing the deities (scientifically), however that doesn't mean that science will never explain it.

3. I am debating the materialist and non-materialist side of philosophy. There's certain things I like from both, but I do not like the condescending atheistic attitude. No matter the counter argument these people, its like talking to a brick wall. They cannot see anybody else's view and seem close minded. I believe in hearing both sides out. I love the no free will thing some materialists hold--that why we definitely have 'will' we're not exactly 'free' in choices. We're limited by our tastes. But on the flip side in simulated tests we could give "religious or mystical experiences" to some people through their brains and this suggests outside interference, eh?

4. For the most part I like to consider myself a realist. With that I prefer to be neutral or try to be until I personally decide something. (Even if I personally decide something I still understand perception and ideas like morals are subjective.) I like to see criticism, rebuttals, and the cheers and positive reviews. This helps me look at the idea more objectively. As I am a realist, I try to accept positive and negative ideas and decide for myself.

5. I am a hedonist and a modern philosophical Satanist or LaVey Satanist. I believe in psycho drama and I do believe in ideas such as the "placebo effect", which I don't believe completely discredits mystical experiences. I practice witchcraft and although even if "magic" doesn't exist, it helps feed and ease my mind as I understand it.

6. Although this is 'me' in a more personal manner, I happen to likewise be a Aztec reconstructionist. This means I attempt to reconstruct the historical Pre-Columbian religion of the Aztecs to the best of my ability, legally, in the modern age. I use the sciences of anthropology, etymology, ethnography, archeology, amongst many other sub-divisions. What we have as a 'mystical experience' is called UPG or Unsubstiated Personal Gnosis. (SPG or "Shared Personal Gnosis" is when 3 or more people have the same UPG. Thus it gains more validity and can be used rather than personally used.) In other terms, its not consider "fact" or can be validated by science and therefore is my own experience separate for the most part from certain other practices. It mostly focuses on orthopraxy or "correct practice", rather than orthodoxy. But both are needed in a lot of instances. (IF you don't know what you're doing or why, you shouldn't be doing it.)

Hope that explains everything.