all tracks created, recorded, and mixed between 2 summers, 2015-16

all tracks kurt otto 2016 except #14 chapa/otto 2016

lyrics/vocal-LIL'CHOPPA music/production-Church Of Machines

all instruments by kurt otto, except track 02: "knucklehead crematorium"
6 & 12 string acoustic guitars by gary bolen, 192k 24-bit audio engineering  by gary bolen and andrew sgt.pepper

everything else was rendered in non-real time from Komplete 8 Ultimate plug-ins played by midi using Reaper, Sound Forge, and Wavelab except for the occasional Moog Slim Phatty monophonic analog rack synth being played by midi from all over the place while simultaneously having its knobs fucked with by me in real-time while tracking.

the only exceptions would be the bass and lead on track 08: "meat and candy" no midi whatsoever, both live audio (separately) on a Roland RD-700nx, playing generic presets rejaculated  thru the mixing board by an old  guy who's been doing this for over 50 years... so don't bother looking on a Roland for my sounds, or any other workstation  you won't find them

with ONE exception... the grand piano on track 07: "fat line chopper" it is the Roland  grand piano, preset #1.i did boost the bass EQ.

this cd was 100% made possible by 3 people:
philip francesco, steve wisnoski, gary bolen

potential collaborators with lyrics and/or vocals need
to contact me popeye-x@popeye-x.com


photo by Melinda Doster, 1987, SATX