Cureton Tried To Join Up With The TT's

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Remember? On Monde's boyfriend Deekoo's message board? I posted parts of a post by Turkie Nazi on a Sexual Harrasment board, where she LIED and said I was stalking her. Steve Cureton went to Deekoo's site, saw my post about Turkie, and the drunken idiot thought it was her posting! He left his email and an urgent message to mail him and join together to fight Popeye-X, Cureton assured her, "I know you diddn't deserve this!"

By the way, he posted all of that in the NAME box, he didn't use the MESSAGE box at all, so on Deek's board you have Cureton's email addy and urgent message as somebody's name...

"DIDN'T DESERVE THIS?" Of course she deserved it, why else would she be doing it to HERSELF? She WANTS me to be stalking her and sexually harrassing her, otherwise the subject would never come up. I said, "Hey, I don't mind being accused of rape, but I want some fucking pussy out of it!"

Anyhow, Cureton is floundering incompetently trying to network with these wacky Bolton chicks, by leaving a message at one of MY POSTS! Wrong bitches, wrong message board, wrong poster, and... WRONG! SHE DID DESERVE IT! It was all her doing. I don't know her, SHE KNOWS ME. I don't chase after her, she attacks me, and brings a gang of friends to help her. I had a royal time fighting each one of them, pounding them into bacon bits until they ended up abandoning the TT's and hauling ass for dear life! Dr. Popeye-X will drive you CRAZY!!! And make you famous by posting and making pages and relentlessly telling lies and slandering and making more pages until you realize, he's just using these "pawns" to make himself entertain other people...his so-called "followers". Actaully they're just bystanders who can't believe these crazy bitches are on such a crusade about MICHAEL BOLTON, and THE MONKEES.

They bit off more than they can chew when it comes to the Monkees, I know their songs better than they do, by "they" I mean the the Monkees, not the TT's. I know every Monkees song on every instrument. I even know the song at the end of the show, "In This Generation" (We Gotta Be Free), it was never on an album. I used to play that song as part of my set. There ain't no motherfucker on this Earth born in 1968 (Tacki) that knows the Monkees music better than me, and that's a fucking fact. You wanna run down the list? Pick an album, pick a side, I'm ready. Let's do it! LIVE! Want me to play guitar? Drums? Bass? Want me to sing? How about the backup vocals? I do those even better than the leads. How about if we play "Door Into Summer" off of Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones LTD.? Let's do "I'm A Believer", I got the keyboard part NAILED, bubba. How about "Valarie?" "I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog"? "Clarksville" "Steppin Stone" "Daydream Believer" "Star Collector"? (the list is endless)

Anyhow, I started my own Monkees Fan Club called Monkee Lovers Unlimited-X. That pissed Tacki off big time. She said, "How could you do that to another human being?" She decided to fold her Monkee Lovers Unlimited Fan Club after 12 years, just to avoid the embarrassment of being SLAUGHTERED by my -X club, you talk about trivia knowledge! Mike Nesmith went to Robert E Lee high school, there's a street in Leon Valley named after him, less than a mile from my house. I know ALL his songs. I've seen every show 1000 times, I have every album, I've seen HEAD (their movie) at least 5 times. OF COURSE I know Frank Zappa was leading a cow thru the parking lot. Let's do this! Let's not just talk about them... LET'S BE THEM. Which one do you wanna be? I wanna be Mike, so I'll wear a stocking cap and play guitar. Be sure and only sing the parts of the Monkee you are at the moment. No switching between Mickey and Peter parts. If you start as a certain Monkee, please stay that Monkee, OK? Monkee Lovers Unlimited-X is a SERIOUS Monkees trivia club, don't waste my time unless you're ready to get busy on about 2 dozen Monkee songs, PERFORMED LIVE, right now motherfucker! We can even do the ballads... I PLAY PIANO!!!! I can do the string parts! I'd rather just play drums and sing. Any time you're ready...

So, Cureton is floundering aimlessly trying to just CONTACT the TT's, without any luck... meanwhile, I've got Never Forget ON STAFF, and she's not chickenshit to tell it like it is when it comes too Estebanito, the phony baloney wannabe superstar who is secretly a drunken demon possessed exploding rat's pussy, trying to steal cheese that isn't his. I won't stand for it, and neither will NeverForget, and neither will the Duke. Then there's The Walmartinezz', and so on.

Yes, I DO need NeverForget, as a matter of fact I am good friends with Kathleen, too, but NF has the venom to match mine, and I've got a LOT. It may bore the piss out of everyone, but NO WAY am I thru with Cureton, I won't stop until that motherfucker is DEAD, and maybe not even then.

Having NF and the Duke on staff to give Cureton ENDLESS shit on the Internet is like a dream come true.

And for that, I THANK all of you! I love each and every one of you who know damn well I ain't lying about none of it. Ilove the way those chickenshit bastards just run away and hide. I want to go after them, I want to make sure everyone who knows them hears my side of the story.

Does anybody know a decent thug I could hire? I'd pay good money for some big son of a bitch to beat the living fuck out of all three of those assholes. The thing is, THEY GOT IT COMIN'. Its morally right, hell, its even necessary! Its not enough to beat them down, they need to be finished off proper.

Notice to Cureton: hey, drunken idiot... the TT's LOST. They ran away and they won't be back... take note... their tits are STILL dispalyed on the MICHAEL BOLTON page... just like my Cureton pages, of which there are over 100!

Has anybody happened to see my new Bob Cox page? Its a doosey. He will retaliate for sure. I can't wait. The next time that silly son of bitch breaks in my house I'm going to be waiting for him, and I will shoot that motherfucker in the HEAD on sight, just as soon as he's all the way in the house. BOOOM! No warning. No nothing. Just one DEAD house breaking thief who fucked up and got too sure of himself. And its 100% legal. I only wish I had gotten that motherfucker last summer when he dropped by to poison Babycat.

(wipes a tear... "I love you, little sweetheart... I'd give anything if my fucked up social situation didn't cause your death, I will regret hat for the rest of my life for sure.. and Buddy, too... its worse than a nightmare..." )

note: that's the last photograph of my little cat...  
so help me, God...




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