Steve Cureton Finally
Releases His Own CD

liar extraordinaire

from: a  proud mother 03-05-24-19:38

I am so proud of my son, he is such a sound man extraordinaire, this whole town is buzzing about what impeccable musical credentials he has, of course the radio is playing HIS new CD heavily, and they are having a lavish banquet at the Gunter Hotel that will make that first Robert Johnson promotional blowout look like a totally bogus fiasco.

I was so proud of him on that CD, but he actually got to participate in this one, he chose the style, talent, the songs, and he even MIXED one song! He's so talented and smart. I hope that Mike Taylor learned his lesson, that was really mean the way he let Steve buy all those ADATS on E-Bay, not to mention put $300 of his own cash in Flaco Jimenez' pocket for a "pseudonym" cameo on a band Stevie came up with, and Taylor completely overuled my son and wouldn't let his mix ANY songs, or have any say whatsoever, he just let him spend $100's of dollars to ramble on the liner notes.

This CD is much much better, he has all the liner notes to himself on this one... over 40 pages. I like CD's where its all about the engineers who didn't mix on it, rather than the artists who played one or two songs, but then bailed out playing for the promo banquet because the CD didn't show up there either.

My son even has a better plaque for his CD party. As a kind of a tip of the hat to the Cureton legacy, Federal bank fraud investigators had the warrant for my son's arrest engraved on a chunk of $20  brass and wood to commemorate the historical roots of this city as a priceless musical melting pot, and also my son's immpecable taste, elegant manners, and truly pleasant demeanor. Future generations will know that Steve Cureton wasn't just a raging drunk who liked to snitch off people cuz he was jealous they're more famous than him.