Webgoat Has Been Wasting
LOTS Of Time

goat counter 
03-05-19 06:11

I began Daily Website Stats the day webgoat went berserk and posted 400 times in 10 minutes, hoping to wreck this message board. That was 3/18/03.

I did an advanced search on all the stats emails for "cpe-24-175", the part of webgoat's IP# that never changes, surprise surprise surprise... except for ONE DAY, 4/05/03, this very same Webgoat, the guy who says I'm a waste of time, still found time to come to this website EVERY MOTHERFUCKING DAY FOR THREE MONTHS! He only missed one day!

See what a lying chickenshit you are? What are you looking for webgoat? Why are you wasting so much time on Popeye-X? You have read all the posts. You've posted time and again, only to watch them disappear like soap bubbles in a hailstorm. What's wrong webgoat... are you too dull witted to get in a "good one"?

Your best put down was saying I have a dial up connection. Remember? I said, "I paid $20 so I could delete you. You paid $50 to be deleted. Maybe I know something you don't?"

Now I'm paying $20 to tell you FUCK YOU everyday, and you are paying $50 to read me saying FUCK YOU everyday... oh, EXCEPT FOR ONE DAY in April. I'm a big waste of time, eh? Are you aware that you are paying 250% what I'm paying, and the whole time I'm ridiculing you, insulting you, baiting you, deleting you, abusing you, and basically telling you to go fuck yourself and meaning every word of it... you return EVERY DAY of your life to read this shit? Don't try to lie, I searched the stats. Three months of your life... and think about what'll happen when I get off my ass and find out your real name. Do I have any choice? Not when some creep is stalking me every day... he might be planning some kind of assault... I better find out who he is and where he works, just in case I want to tell the San Antonio Police Department all about him, like I did CURETON, STEPHEN EARL, and COX, ROBERT WILLIS, and TAYLOR, RAYMOND MICHAEL, and MEALS, WAYNE DONALD. I"ve noticed the police like it much better when you include all the info, like DOB, TDL, home address, work address, phone numbers, height, weight, hair color, race. All that driver's license stuff. Read SAPD #02/736424, it has all that kinda stuff, and a lot more concerning the subject matter in these posts you've been reading EVERYDAY.

don't even think about it

I'm going to start reading up on you, webgoat. I don't think that would be a waste of time at all. I'll be back with what I find. TTYL, bitch.



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