LIL'CHOPPA-That's Right, Its A Choppa
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LIL'CHOPPA-Ain't The One To Fuck With
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both of these tracks are fresh mixes, definitely the best ones yet, in terms of sonic purity
i'm very pleased and very proud to work with a talented youngsta that's puro west side
he does a lot of writing, i've seen his notebooks, and i'm always giving him
fresh blank spirals and legal pads, telling him, "real rappers are atheletes of writing",
so he works at it, and it really pays off when its time to freestyle, like on these tracks.
me and his dad, El Chapa, both tell him to stay the fuck out of jail and do music,
cuz just like his Papa said at our first session: "Real G's Don't Get Caught!"

matthew chapa/kurt otto 2016