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hey i took a look at all that garbage that turkie person wrote... fuck i think when her dad molested her he broke part of a broom stick off up her ass or and left it there and that's why she's always so touchy or something man... or maybe she wakes up on the wrong side of the litter box all the time... plus she has REALLY shitty tits... what the hell are those anyway... they look like some mal-nurished over the hill chick's tits... why would anyone want to molest that... like come on now... hehehe she really should never pass those on to anyone else, i know if my mother gave me tits like that i'd be angry at the world too... heres somthing to take everyones mind off those... ewwww...  just a little present that i made since i got a huge kick out of your site... P.S. enjoy and Michael Bolton is the ugliest fuck around and he can only get 12 year old spanish prosti-tots. later... ----> A Fiery Lioness

thanks for the present, popeye-x loves kitties


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