"And the tongue is a fire..." - James 3:6Dr. Popeye X:
Hey, Hellissa, maybe you should click on this:

......(quit smiling)

Dr. Popeye X:
It seems various Toiletside Reader guys keep asking me, "What happened to Hellissa? What's the story on her?" I said, "I don't have any idea, same answer as the last FOUR or FIVE times you asked me." They didn't ask me about those other 'flame retardants' nearly as much, maybe twice. I told them, "I don't know who these hate-mail fuckheads are, where they come from, or who they think they are, but if they think I'm going to give them a FAIR chance to get ONE UP ON ME, using MY website, then they are sadly mistaken." Then, the subject of YOU came up again… "Well, what happened to Hellissa?" I said, "Maybe she got scared of Dr. Popeye X…", (which nobody believed). "Maybe she's busy fucking her husband, how should I know?" Then I was asked, "How well do you know her? Have you fucked her?" I shot back, "HELL, YEAH, I FUCKED HER! That's some of that 'wildcat' Internet Pussy you're always hearing about!" I was lying thru my teeth, but something told me they wanted to believe me a little too much. Then, I thought, why are they asking ME? Its because Hellissa is MY 'hateful cunt', not theirs! So, I told them, "Hey, get your own flame page, motherfuckers, I'm not going to sit here and do all the office work, while you play e-mail grab-ass with MY hate-mailers!" It must be something in your 'snotty bitch' attitude that makes these 'flaming retards' want to scrap with you. I think they're sitting on the edge of their seats, salivating to say something RUDE to the Fuck You Queen, (on MY website), and that's probably because no evil cunts ever gave them any hardball hate to chew on. Then I realized, if Hellissa's gonna come back in here talkin' all that trash, I should make a special page to display it, otherwise the reader response is going to SMOTHER the other hate-mailers on the "regular" Flame-On page.

Now, as to your question, "WHAT THE FUCK DO I WANT?" …I guess what I want is for you to quit acting like the chickenshit little snot you really are, get up off your pampered 09'er ASS, and try clicking on that fucking URL I gave you, for starters. Then, if you survive that, which I doubt you have enough BALLS, (or BRAINS), to even make a tiny attempt, then maybe, if you're not too busy draining your Hubby of all his Wads of Come, or your Daddy of all his Wads of Cash, then just maybe... you could mount the MAJOR EFFORT OF YOUR LIFE, and move your fingers up and down ever so slightly, just enough to answer my goddamn e-mails, you lazy-assed, big mouthed, do-nothing, Alamo Heights, life on a silver platter BITCH!!! But I guess that's too much to expect from a person who changes jobs faster than most people change underwear, but how would I know? I haven't had a use for either one of those things since BEFORE the days you soiled your Pampers on an hourly basis, so don't think you're gonna come in here with a slew of stinky Hellissa droppings to unload, this is one of those 'wipe your own ass' websites, and don't be leaving any 'brown skidmarks' on the lid of the Toiletside Reader, neither.

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