Phil Dalmolin,
 a REAL musician

03-07-09 :::: 00:55

Phil, or Pito as I call him, called me today and played me some tracks he made with midifiles originally comissioned by Bob Cox. You can visit Phil's website at He's a REAL musician, its great fun collaborating with him via midi materials. The midifiles I made are simple and can have real drums added to them quite easily. I love Phil, I really do. I could tell you that he toured playing drums with the Dixie Chicks for over a year, but I don't care about that. He was the drummer on my 1983 summer hit, DONKEY LADY, so obviously I got to him first, so Natalie, you can kiss my ass.  Pito bought a Delta 1010, I asked him why he was getting such a bad ass unit, and he replied, "Cuz I'm a dick." See why I love him so much? Oh, yeah, he's the drummer in this pic of my studio, but I don't care about that either. All I care about is the CD Pito gave me recently of him playing with my notes, and its BAD FUCKING ASS, that's all I care about.