Popeye-X Has "The Look"

What is it about the popeye-x mystique that brings out the ILLEGAL so beautifully? As part of his "geezer disguise", popeye-x works undercover as a gas station hang-out person. I hang at the local Mobil station, perfecting my persona as a grizzly old mean som-bitch from Texas you best not even look at, much less talk to. So, I'm hangin' out, testing all the standard phrases like: "Its too goddamn cold!" and "This ATM is fucked up!", and lo and behold, the Mobil station employee hands me a small piece of cellophane containing a most righteous bud of stinkweed! When I get it home, I realize, this is not pachuco weed, this is the GOOD STUFF! Wheee! This is better than free coffee! (the standard fare for Texas gas station hang out geezers, they drink it by the gallon)

What is it? My scraggly beard? My wino-grey, bald-headed hippie hair? My mud splattered Huffy Mt. Havoc 10-speed? What is it about me that makes total strangers so SURE I'd like to try out their illegal DOPE?

I guess they know a NON-COP when they see one, eh? I'm not sure if I like that. Cops are COOL, its FUCKED UP LAWS I hate! Legislators are the enemy. Phony fucking bastards! Are you trying to tell me that THIS, (takes toke off of complimentary gas station hang-out geezer joint), is BAD? (coughing fit) Anyone who says it IS bad, that person HAS to be my enemy, I'm sorry, but I KNOW the difference between good and evil, and THIS (holds up joint), is GOOD!!!

What the fuck is my point?

moral: Bush says its bad

think about the political ramifications

Can anyone ANYWHERE refute this
murky point I'm barely making?


Vote PPX, he's got "the look".