ppx is a crack gnome

sent me a thing written by one of her friends. I though I would "fuck it up" and send it back. While I was writing, OTHER words started appearing, edited in with mine [in brackets below]. At first I thought, am I THAT high? Ah, the joys of Virtual Ignorance! Here's the original author's sarcastic "real end of the story", followed by PPX's "real life version" of the same thing.

James's dreams came true and he became an almost godlike Lv.55 Mage/Paladin and defeated the horrible vampire-witch of the spooky forest (if you have ever seen The Wuzzles* you know how spooky they are).

PPX comment: (wipes tear) ...sniff... his... dreams came true? (sobs) I'm so happy!.. (moans)

[in particulary scorable poses]
<---wtf? PPX didn't write that part

...it says he became an almost "godlike Lv.55 Mage/Paladin"... WHOA... almost? ...oooo (chills)... but look! he defeated the horrible vampire-witch of the spooky forest... ARRRRRGGGHH (PPX: whimpers and crouches in a ball, peeking out from behind rows and rows of empty happy meal boxes) ...brushes debris from tattered clothing...

[everybodyrolling on thr floor hvaing]
 <---wtf? PPX didn't write that part either

PPX fast forwards the whole scene
and its roles 25 years, so James is OLD like PPX, and here's what our chronoplasmic star reporter sees...

PPX: Well, don'tcha just know it!

(screaming brats run by fighting over toys and shooting blue fireballs out of a WD40 can being lit with a Bic by a 6 year old scrawny frecklefaced PYROMANIAC named "Marty")

(a woman's screaming, growling voice shrieks from inside a trashed out trailer home.... all of a sudden..)

IT walks out...

(curlers in her hair, cigarette in mouth dangling long ash, beer can in one hand, crack pipe in the other, tattoo of barbed wire across her wrists, and she bellows)


PPX: I can hardly believe what I'm seeing here, but if this is how real life turns out, this rpg might save millions and billions of Wizards and Warthogs and Crack Gnomes from the fate of James, who actually ended up MARRIED to none other than...

Horrible Vampire Witch of Spooky Forest, Mobile Home Village, trailer #87, Row B.