real pride for ppx

I don't really know what a
"Bolton Weenine Bite" is

that's odd, I thought most people had easy access to a mirror

but i haven't been "kicked out" of anywhere

why wait around to get kicked out, when you can destroy everything and everyone in it the place, and then just leave?

i think you'll find that though michael's music is rather banal

"lacking originality, freshness, or novelty"... go on....

he's accepted as a popular entertainer and he was simply trying to use that status for a good cause

you're saying, even though he sucks a raw-dog donkey-lady dildo, millions of idiots respect his "ultra-caring" stage persona, and all he has to do is scold his fans not to abuse their own kids, and if... the sheer admiration for the status of his stardom will be the grain of sand that tips the scale in favor of even one child, then its worth having to endure his offstage "activism". I guess the parents must not hold their own children in high enough regard to keep from abusing them, otherwise why would they need advice from Bolton? So its his "stardom" that saves the children from their parents' false sense of priority. Bolton is the only one who's thinking of their children more than they do! At least he cares!

I know you put this page up to amuse yourself.

how could you tell? you're so sweet to tell me that, its very comforting to know you know I laughed.

that was my point about the internet. 

oh, its an "internet" thing? for a second there, it sounded like you and Bolton were going to save the world, now I realize you're going to "start" with the Internet. I guess that means you're going to leave the TV, movies, videogames, music concerts, drunken football games, drugs, crime, & communism to other people of like mind, while you concentrate on the cleaning up the Internet. Very good! I bet you're knocking sites off the web every week, aren't you?

if the internet can't police itself, the govt. is going to step in and do it.

police itself? I see! the government is kinda like a super-Bolton, right? Bolton and the government will join hands to save the Internet from the people who use it "wrong"

voices like turkie's and tackie's are going to be heard, regardless of what you think of them and their opinion.

since I published their opinions from day one, I think its safe to assume that I know their voices will be heard, especially by my audience.... i. e. you.

and you'll be the first to start wailing when the govt steps in and starts to censor your site.

of course I would, but does that mean I should stop doing what I'm doing NOW, just so I MIGHT not be stopped from doing what I'm doing at a later date?

show some responsibiliy before the tackie's in this world win the day.

in other words, I should back down to their ignorance, and live my life in a way that pleases them, because their global victory is obviously inevitable?

show some real pride and some respect.

I see. Show respect for their irrational opinions about my behavior by caving in to whatever ridiculous thing they'll come up with next, and after I show that respect, I'll have some REAL pride.... I can't wait to follow your advice, it sounds like you really have "life" figured out. Your insight into human behavior is astounding, but your ability to articulate it in broad, universal strokes, that everyone understands and agrees with is... how can I find the words to express the magnitude of the impact your advice is having on me. Oh.... Your good, real good. I bet you go from site to site just cleaning , cleaning, cleaning. And now you want my toilet to be clean, so.... go ahead and knock yourself out, but you ain't getting ANYWHERE near inside my server where my domain is under
MY control, and MY control ONLY.
Fuck the government, and fuck you!!!

 ppx  = Dr. PPX 121599