Dr. Popeye X is a DJ from Hell!!!
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Hey!...This is Dr. Popeye X
flexin' necks in T-E-X
people think I'm a crazy old man
someone needs to tell them
I'm Boy, 100% Boy
everything I do is Very, Very Boy
I'm just a rich, powerful, evil little boy
with his very own microphone
I like to DJ, so I'll
get my own orchestra,
with break dancers and
long haired lead guitarists
and I'll scratch all the breaks
with brand new copies of
your latest 12-inch single
I'll jack my EQ sliders to the top
and slide the crossfade
as I cheat the slipmat out of some grip
and lay it right on that needle
lookout speakers!
lookout subwoofers!
guard your T-Nuts!
better play it safe
and nail 'em to the floor,
so they don't shake, rattle,
and roller coaster
right off this stage,
like words off a page,
like rats in a cage,
here they come runnin'
ready for gunnin'
ready for shootin' and
steadily tootin'
pigs will be rootin'
rats will be scootin'
for batmobile guano
for government Gumby
and sleepless Columbian
a nervous Noriegan
President Reagan
fried Kevin Bacon
you'll be forsaken
for constantly faking
for having desire
required of a liar
to fib for no reason
except that its pleasin'
to you for some purpose
under the surface
I see its demented
and fragantly scented
but after you smell your
head will be dented
right at the crater
your nose left behind
your brain's a potater
makin' you blind
to pussy dimentions
causing you tensions
its time that I mention
these evil intentions
I got propaganda
so don't say I slander
no, don't try to quote me
you don't know who wrote me
I might be a figment
a Bar-B-Q pigment
of imagination
and manipulation
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