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kurt otto
- music bevis griffin - vocal
2 song single, 1990, link to tapebox art

thundadome - a "real song" played live, in one pass,
actually i may have overdubbed one moog lead, but otherwise its live, pre-programmed with sequenced samples, of course, but the performance is absolutely how it went down, on the first take, which was good, we had to be what we really were at that designated time, and i think it turned out even better than i knew it would. of course, as soon as bevis saw something that good come together that fast, equally created on the spot by both of us doing exactly what we are supposed to do... together... he fucking freaked out! and completely refused to record anything further! well, too late, i already got you on tape, motherfucker, and you sang your ass off! not even you can stop it once you do it around me.

sound bites - not a "real song" but rather a collage of samples made from jams we did previous to thundadome, the spoken parts were taken from a conversation i taped where i asked bevis: "what do you want this to do?" he told me, and that's what it did, literally. the vocal hook was from a different song called "no reason". then when he heard it weeks later, he was annoyed by it, and totally dismissed it. it wsn't a real song, just a demonstration of what i could sample and piece together. then i said, "hey, bevis, how about if you do some freestyle vocal improvisation along with it, kinda like a lead, only vocals?" seemed like a good idea at the time, so we did one pass of that. if you listen to the song and start ignoring the samples and listen for the live singing you will hear one of the best black singers you've ever heard in your life, singing whatever he feels like off the top of his head. its the echoing voice flying all around in the background. when you listen to the the tune, that improv vocal is actually the song ... get it? the singing IS the song! the rest is just samples making a rhythmic cycle to jam on. listen to it! this is a great ace-in-the-hole for onstage.

thundadome - lyrics

griffin: welcome to my thundadome
your wetdream horror show
fortress of the sinister and
bombs all set to blow
get busy y'all!

otto: ow... yeah...
check it out, ya hear that?
can ya hear the moan, inside the
mixdown tone? i put a microphone on every
thing that's known, i take a guitar sample, cuz i
lead by example, sound bitin' like a titan in the thundadome

techno funk and thinkin' quick
elvis 3 and banzai kick
rawhead tex in full effects
cold lampin' in the thundadome
full of juice and kickin' flavor
funk you first and kill ya later
joker's wild in pain's theater
q-maxxin' in the thundadome

griffin: thundadome
griffin: mmmmm mmmm mmmm
mmmm mmm thundadome

all the she devils wanna funk tonight
sweat beads gleamin' in the misery light
they shimmy their breasts till the nipples glow
cold buggin'in the thundadome, y'all

now the twilight zone is where i roam
i'm a nasty funkasaurus with a cellular phone
an evil bo-wevil with a helluva bone, i'm
coldlampin' in the thundadome

otto: tell 'em about it, b!
griffin: mmmmm mmmm mmmm
mmmm mmm thundadome

griffin: things i say may not be true
don't believe i'm just like you
otto:got that right!
griffin: going crazy in the thundadome

griffin: techno funk and thinkin' quick
elvis 3 and banzai kick
rawhead tex in full FX
cold lampin' in the thundadome

griffin: mmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmm

griffin: you call it hell_______
i call it home_ thundadome

otto: in the mixture, i think you get the picture
cold cuttin' with the t-dome magic exilir, aint a
fountain of youth, just a mountain of proof,
it a lyrical fact about a musical truth

griffin: thuhunhunhunhundada
thunda thundadome
thundadome thundadome
thundadome thundadome

griffin: mmmmm mmmm mmmm
mmmm mmm thundadome

otto: thunda... thunda...

griffin: cold buggin' in the thundadome
q-maxxin' in the thethundadome
going crazy in the thundadome

otto: b!... rawhead... ppx

he's the lead singer... i'm the gunslinger

being the beautiful specimen of sexy lead singer he truly is,
bevis seemed to always be concerned about my completely
dorked-out, beffudled toolshed mumbler "look".
i will be the first to admit i don't give a fuck about
"being cool" in the eyes of a bunch of morons.
yes, its true, i DON'T dress up like a rockstar on a daily basis,
if anything, i'm a total slob, like a biker,
but i ride a synthesizer,
and if you don't like the way i look, talk, or SMELL,
then kindly go fuck yourself!
i've been playing live gigs since 1966,
i know exactly how to attain a rockstar stage persona
that suits me and the music i'm playing perfectly,
in 5 minutes or less!
bevis showed up with this t-shirt he gave me,
it had clint eastwood as a gunslinger on it,
i had told bevis several times i considered
my role in the band to be as a gunslinger,
my job was to blow the balls off of any other
hot bands or hot players who cross my path.
i smite them woefully with the cutting edge
of a vengeful weapon, without mercy
i'm not bragging, just stating a fact,

of course there are MANY MANY musicians who could
smoke my ass in one note or less...
but you gotta step up and DO IT!
don't just claim it...
DO IT, motherfucker!

so we're waiting for the photographer,
i put on this gunslinger t-shirt,
dig out a taco shell cowboy hat,
put it on my head,
i put on my thelonius monk sunglasses,
and i'm ready to rock!
there's nothing "cool" about me.., i'm evil as fuck!
i'm ready to win you over,
no matter who you are or what you think you think, ok?

instant rawhead pussy

the photographer arrives,
and she's a hot little tight-assed, rock and roll cutie
she's bevis griffin's ex-girlfriend
she starts snappin' pix,
it doesn't take long, its kinda obvious, we can't go wrong,
thru an open door, she sees my king-sized bed,
its a sealy posturepedic, its the biggest one they make,
its the perfect place in my space to get a taste
this hot little chick i'd known less than 10 minutes
points to the bed and asks me:

"do you wanna fuck me on that bed right now?"

i can't believe my ears!
ANY GUY would love to fuck this girl,
she is totally hot,
so i assume she's kidding,
and kind of laugh, hey its a compliment...
and she says again,
quite clearly, so both me and bevis can hear
and there's no doubt she's quite serious:

"would you like to fuck me right now... on that bed?"

i'm shocked, totally shocked. but not that shocked. :P
groupies are my stock and trade,
believe it or not, i'm used to it,
let's just say i outgrew that phase quite a while back,
that's not to say i won't just go ahead and do it anyway,
if its a fine girl, its kinda hard not to say yes, right?
he's the big rock stud, right?
he acts like i'm his engineer...
which is total, utter bullshit!!
he's the lead singer, i'm the gunslinger,
she's the young cum pumping tongue humdinger.
this silly selfish bitch is trying to fuck up my new band,
while its still sitting on the launching pad!
pussy or no pussy, since i'm the producer of all of it,
i'm picking up all the tabs AND doing all the work,
all this PISSES ME OFF LIKE a motherfucker!
but i keep a smiling face,
to let her know she is very fine indeed,
and yes, of course i would love to fuck her,
right then, right there...
and as i stepped over to her, like a fucking psycho,
i suddenly made a scrunched up face and said, "nah!!",
i gave her the $40 and my mailing address,
 and turned and walked back into the studio
to let those two "lovebirds"
re-kindle their mutual hatred without
my white ass bobbing up and down,
fucking her silly, in full view of my sexy black partner.


so, what i'm telling you here is i DO, in fact, have
a certain "rock and roll appearance" happening,
and yes, i can score amazing rock and roll pussy
at the drop of a hat, without even dropping my hat!
the point is this:
i don't fuck up my bands over pussy,
not now, not then, not ever!
rock and roll pussy can suck my dick...
but that's if, and only if, i'm thru with my musical business,
and that's if i want to have my dick sucked...
its all about me, what i want, when i want it,
and how i want it to go down under the circumstances...
just so you groupies out there understand,
here's how you should go about it:
step to me, link your arm in mine, and ask ME:
"hey daddy, what do YOU want to do?"


THAT'S how you get my attention,
be respectful of my male ego,
and act like a lady when you do it,
i might even buy you a big red
and ask you to stay as long as you like,
if that's what YOU want to do.
but leave your goddamn ex-boyfriend
and all your grudge-fuck bullshit out of my sight!
show some respect for my MUSIC, and don't FAKE it,
like a prostitute who acts like she's so turned on,
but really she doesn't feel a thing,
cuz she assumes i'm just like all those
other WEASELS she's been shagging