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Brian Tankersley SMPTE Files
mirrored from http://www.purgatorycreek.com/smpte.html 

Here [or see below] are links to the SMPTE files created by Brian Tankersley (thanks Brian).  While they can be used with an DAW, they were created with PARIS users in mind.  The original files are approximately 30 minutes in length.  In order to save on download time, I've provided 10 and 20 minute versions.  The shorten files were created within PARIS and exported.  Obviously, download just the longest file you think you'll need.  If you never record at 48K, then you don't need the 48K version.

How to use these files within PARIS

  • Physically connect an audio cable from a PARIS system output to the SMPTE input of the device you want slaved to PARIS.

  • Place the SMPTE WAV file a common directory on your audio drive.

  • Open a PARIS project and add the SMPTE WAV file to it.

  • In the Editor, use the Time Locked Selector Tool to add the file to a track.  This will ensure that the file is at the absolute beginning of the project.

  • Now move to the Mixer.  On the channel assigned to the track,
    select External in the EDS Insert section.

  • In the Patchbay, create a link from the Mixer-A Insert Send of the SMPTE channel to the output you choose in step #1.

  • When you press play in PARIS, the SMPTE slave device should sync to it.

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