I use Steinberg Wavelab3 to extract audio from CD's, make wav's, and mp3's. I wrote this reference page to keep from typing the same thing over and over, it contains "STEINBERG WAVELAB3 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE TOOLZ DISC", blow by blow.


1. You must install Winzip, WinRar, and NFO to use the TOOLZ disk

2. On your hard disk, C:, create a folder called downloads

3. go to the Toolz disc, find these folders: \toolz\winzip, \toolz\winrar, and toolz\nfo

4. one at a time, select each folder, go up to Edit, select Copy, go to \downloads on your hard disk, and go up to Edit, select Paste

5. while you're at it, go to \audio\Steinberg.Wavelab.v3, copy it, too

6. those 4 things should be now copied over to your hard disk in the downloads folder

\winzip, \winrar, \nfo, \Steinberg.Wavelab.v3, ... ok?

7. we're thru with the TOOLZ disc for now, just work from the hard disk \downloads folder

8. \winzip you've probably already got, but I don't know, so you'll have to see for yourself, do the \WinRar and the \NFO

9.when all 3 are installed, you're ready for Wavelab

click on the .zip files inside \downloads\Steinberg.Wavelab.v3, when they open, extract the contents to that same folder.You should end up with a couple of WinRaR files and some assorted .nfo files

the winrar files will be setupwl3.r00 and setupwl3.rar

they both have to be in the \downloads\Steinberg.Wavelab.v3 folder, if they are, click on setupwl3.rar (the one with the .rar), and if you have installed WinRar correctly, it will all unfold automatically. DO NOT attempt to extract from WinRaR, its supposed to do it for you

10. there is a serial # in the radium.nfo file you must copy and paste into Wavelab during install, so have it ready