"Oh boy, its another
Opcode Nostalgia
the ol' midi geezer mutters to himself as he fires up his MQX-32M to this very day... "Does it still run? HELL, YES! It better run godammit!, I paid Opcode to restore it TWICE! Its perfect for running Texture 4.35 in DOS on my 486. Of course I still stripe a little FSK with a PPS now and then, for some custom application lockdown, when needed...

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Zefiro InBox

MIDIport 96

MIDIport 32

SONICport Optical




Studio 5LX

Studio 64X

Studio 64XTC

Studio 128X


MIDI Translator II

MIDI Translator PC

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Studio Vision Pro 
MIDI and digital audio recording and sequencing with professional hardware support

Vision DSP 
MIDI and audio recording and sequencing plus real-time effects.

* Vision Windows 
MIDI sequencing for music and media

* Musicshop   
Record, edit, playback and print music with your Macintosh or PC

Simply powerful music notation.

* fusion:EFFECTS   
Unique line of cross-platform plug-ins

- Fusion of classic filter technology

- Create realistic record hiss and wear

- Classic Vocoder effects

* MAX 
Object oriented programming environment for music and multimedia. MAX is now distributed by Cycling74

OMS allows compatible MIDI applications to communicate with your hardware.


* Zefiro InBox 
Portable 20-bit Analog-to-Digital converter

* MIDIport 96   
USB 96 Channel MIDI Interface

* MIDIport 32   
USB 32 Channel MIDI Interface

* SONICport Optical 
20-bit Analog Input/Output DAC and S/PDIF Digital Audio to USB PC Connection

* SONICport 
20-bit Analog Input/Output DAC and S/PDIF Digital Audio to USB PC Connection

* DATport 
The S/PDIF Digital Audio to USB PC Connection

* Stealthport 
Serial port adapter for Blue G3 Macs, by GeeThree.

* Studio 5LX 
Networkable 240-channel 15 in x 15 out MIDI/SMPTE interface, processor, patchbay, synchronizer

* Studio 64X   
Cross-platform 4 in x 6 out MIDI/SMPTE interface, patchbay

* Studio 64XTC   
Cross-platform digital sync processor and MIDI interface, patchbay

* Studio 128X   
Cross-platform 8 in x 9 out MIDI/SMPTE interface, patchbay

* TranslatorPro 
32-channel 2 in x 6 out MIDI interface with activity LEDs and serial thru switch

* MIDI Translator II 
16-channel 1 in x 3 out MIDI interface with activity LEDs and serial thru switch

* MIDI Translator PC 
2 IN x 2 OUT 32-channel MIDI interface with a unique modular design

* MQX-32M 
32-channel 2 in x 2 out MIDI/SMPTE interface card for ISA/EISA bus

* MIDIEngine 2Port/SE 
32-channel 2 in x 2 out parallel port MIDI/SMPTE interface

* PC MIDI Card II 
16-channel 1 in x 1 out MIDI interface card for ISA/EISA bus.

Note: An ( * ) next to the product indicates that at this time those products are not being offered.
Opcode is still providing support for users of these products

Opcode's fusion:EFFECTSOpcode's Studio 5LX "Still The King Of Midi Patchbays" - ebay quote
Networkable 240-channel 15in x 15out MIDI SMPTE -Interface -Processor -Patchbay -Synchronizer Studio 5LX MIDI interface for Macintosh combines the functions of an interface, synchronizer, patchbay and processor in one unit. Studio 5LX provides 15 independent MIDI INs and OUTs, 240 MIDI channels per unit, networking capabilities and memory for user patches. It uses OMS Studio Patches for the most advanced MIDI processing available.
15 independent MIDI INs and OUTs; 240-channel compatibility Network up to 6 Studio 5LXs together for 1440 MIDI channels System Requirements: Macintosh: 68020 or faster with serial port.

Opcode's MIDIport 96 ::: 6X6 ::: USB 96 Channel MIDI Interface. "I've never even heard of this one."

Opcode's Studio 64xtc "Go ahead and shove that USB cable in your ass, I'm sticking with Ol' Reliable"

64xtc.gif (5258 bytes)

Digital synchronizer, wordclock/SMPTE, cross-platform MIDI interface and 4in x 6out patchbay. The Studio 64XTC is a cross platform, MIDI Interface/Patchbay with advanced synchronization features including ADAT sync, simultaneous Wordclock and Superclock Out, Video Reference and Blackburst In. It's fully OMS compatible, supports all SMPTE formats, routes MMC/MTC, all for an affordable price.

System Requirements: Windows: IBM compatible PC, 486 or higher, Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98.
Macintosh: 68020 or faster with serial port.


Opcode's Vision WindowsOpcode's Vision for Windows
Professional Sequencing Software for Windows
Vision for Windows is a complete, professional system for recording, editing, and playing music with your PC. Vision provides extensive editing with notation, graphic and list windows. Included is the Open Music System (OMS) for seamless interfacing to PC sound cards, MIDI hardware and multitrack recorders.
Familiar tape transport control bar, Punch-in/Punch-out points, Track Overview for easy arrangement editing, Print music from the notation window, Edit controller data easily from the Strip chart, Mixing consoles, OMS compatible, List window for for precise numeric editing, Graphic editing window allows editing of controller data without hiding MIDI tracks.
Vision Windows System Requirements: 486/66 MHz or faster PC compatible, Windows 3.1, Win95, Win98; Min 12 MB of RAM (16 Recommended); Hard disk (with 8 MB free); Windows compatible MIDI interface and/or sound card

screens from Vision, its old and obsolete, just like me

this Opcode Nostalgia For Geezers webpage is dedicated  to the greatest of them all, the incomparable Will Alexander,
AKA Doktor Beaker

another fine gear page brought to you by the staff here at the church of machines working late into the night all the way thru unto the new dawn of the rising synth... it turns out Jimi wasn't just yanking our chains... unless you wanna say he was yanking our chains OFF...